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7th SS - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Caribbean South America

cordillera mountain system made up of parallel ranges
Llanos vast plains of the Orinoco River basin in eastern Columbia and western Venezuela
El Dorado the legend of a marvelous rich city of gold
cassava tropical plant with starchy roots
indigo plant used to make a deep blue dye
caudillos unfair military rulers of Venezuela
llaneros cowboys of Venezuela
indentured servants people that agree to work for a certain period of time, often in exchange for travel expenses
pidgin languages languages that are simple so that people who speak different languages can understand each other
Guyana South American Indian word that means "land of waters"
Bogota capital of Colombia
Simon Bolviar considered a hero in South American because he led wars of independence
pardos people of mixed African, European, and South American Indian ancestry
Created by: MissMisiak