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World History

World History Age of Absolutism vocab quiz

The Hapsburgs Austrian rulers of the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands
Armada high fleet
The Fronde uprisings by nobles, merchants, peasants, and the urban poor
Tudors members of the Tudor family dynasty in England
Puritans English Protestants
Anglican refers to Church of England
Commonwealth the republic of England under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell
Limited Monarchy a government in which a constitution or legislative body limits the Monarchs powers
Czar Russian King
Absolute Monarch a ruler with complete authority over the government and lives of the people
Huguenot's French protestants, stayed in constant struggle with Catholic French majority
Intendants Royal officials who collected taxes, recruited solders, and carried out royal policies in the provinces
Parliament governing body in England
Petition of Right prohibited the English king from raising taxes without the consent of Parliament or imprisoning anyone without just cause
Cavaliers army of Charles I in the English Civil War
Levellers English group that believed poor men should have as much say in the government as leading citizens
Habeas Corpus no person could be held in prison without first being charged with a crime
Divine Right authority to rule comes directly from God
Edict of Nantes granted Huguenots religious toleration letting them inhabit their own towns and cities
Balance of Power the distribution of military and economic power that would prevent any country from dominating Europe
Stuarts ruling family of Scotland
Roundheads army of the English Parliament in the English Civil War
Glorious Revolution the bloodless overthrow of King James II of England
Thirty Years War religious conflict between Northern protestant German states, and Southern Catholic German states
Domestic occuring in a country
Charles V King of Spain who also inherited the Hapsburgs, but gave up his crown dividing the empire and entered the monastery.
Philip II hard working monarch of Spain who centralized royal power making him in total control
Henry IV Huguenot leader who inherited the French crown in 1589 and rebuilt French unity
Armand Richelieu Chief Minister for Louis XIII of France who strengthened royal power
Louis XIV Strong French King who appointed intendants in the French provinces and built a strong French army
Jean Baptist Colbert Chief finance minister of Louis XIV who promoted strong domestic economy and trade with overseas colonies
King James I Stuart King of England who first dissolved parliament to rule as an Absolute Monarch
King Charles I Stuart King who fought parliament eventually causing civil war where he was defeated, captured, and executed
William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury in France
Oliver Cromwell Skilled General who led the roundheads in the English Civil War and then the Commonwealth
Charles II uncrowned heir to the English throne during the kingless decade who failed to defeat the commonwealth but was eventually invited back to the throne
James II Brother of Charles II in England who inherited the throne but angered Parliament and was forced to flee to France
William II and Mary Became King and Queen of England after excepting the New English Bill of Rights
Peter the Great Great Russian Czar who strengthened Russia into a great modern power in the late 1600's
Catherine the Great German Princess who married the heir to the Russian throne but ascended to the throne after his murder and became a great leader
Created by: VickieJ10