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Virtual Text Book 2

Paid/organized Spanish Inquisition King Ferdnan
Paid/organized first crusade Pope Urban ii
Nicknamed Lionheart King Richard i
Controlled Jerusalem in 3rd Crusade Saladin
Group controlled lbirian peninsula before the Spanish Inquisition The moors
Military during fudual times in Europe Knights
A society based on protections with people in Europe Manor
Social classes that people are born into Caste system
Form of taxes paid by people in manors 1/10
What continent is the Holy Land in? Asia
To practice crypto Judaism, is to practice In private
What event started the Dark Ages Fall of the Roman Empire
What event pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages Crusades
What was the goal of the Spanish Inquisition Convert non Catholics in Spain
Practice/teach of a forbidden religion Heresy
This crusade was to pay for other crusades 4th crusade
What religion controlled Europe in the Dark Ages Christianity/Catholicism
What was the symbol of the crusades Red Cross
Deus Vult in English means God wills it
The capital city Byzantine empire Constantinople
What key term means wiped out Eradicated
How did the plague get to Europe Rats/ticks/trade ships
What disease is most likely to cause a pandemic (world wide infection) Influenza
Drain the bad blood Blood letting
What started the crusades To reclaim the holy land
Where is the CDC Atlanta, Georgia
Buboes Main symptom of the plague
Created by: Parker H.