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Unit 3 Acad/Con Word

Byzantine Empire/Africa

manor large community/house
feudal antique/old
chivalry politeness
rescue save from danger
peasant farmer/laborer
imply suggest/to mean
core center/bottom line
medieval having to do with the Middle ages
Judaism he monotheistic religion of the Jews
persecution ill-treatment
Five Pillars of Islam 1). reciting the Muslim profession of faith 2). performing ritual prayers five times each day 3). paying an alms (or charity) tax to benefit the poor and the needy 4). fasting during the month of Ramadan 5). Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca.
depicted describe
surplus excess
commodity merchandise
categorizes distinguish
caligraphy a writing art form
Judaism (Jewish), Christianity, and Islam believed in one true God, heaven, hell and judgement
Torah, the Qu’ran, and the Bible Holy books of followers
Barbarians characterized by the Roman Germanic tribes who hated Rome
mosaic collage (usually made of glass)
carve cut
revolutionized changed/transformed
experience knowledge
significance meaning
hierarchy order
lords master
vassals servant
journey travel/excursion
pilgrimage long journey
strands rope/fine thread
sundry many/different
exclusively alone
violently strongly/extremely
pillage invade/steal
economic financial/business related
accursed condemned
grievous painful/severe
condemned sentenced to punishment
granted allowed/accepted
invest spend money to make money
compromise to make a deal/give and take
assert say
illustration picture
depicts describe in drawing
plague widespread disease
authority power/control
diagram sketch/drawing
Shites followers of Ali
Sunnis followers of community customs
feature detail/element
attributed apply
diplomacy politics/craft
inference hint/conclusion
valid true/legal
depicting describe in writing or drawing
role act
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