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Middle Ages

Medieval from the Latin for “middle age,” relating to the Middle Ages
Feudalism a social system that existed in Europe during the Middle Ages where land is traded for loyalty and protection
Life under feudalism Powerful Lords ; Constant Warfare
Why Feudalism? The Fall of The Roman Empire; Weak Governments; Lack of taxation & money; Land = Wealth
King a male ruler who inherits the position by right of birth
Lord one who received land from the king in return for their services and loyalty
Knight a warrior who served his lord as a mounted soldier on horseback
Page seven year old boy who begins to train as a knight
Squire fifteen year old young man in the middle of his training to be a knight
Chivalry code of conduct in medieval Europe that require knights to be brave, loyal, and honest
Serf a peasant who is legally bound to live and work on land owned by a lord
Fief land granted by a powerful Lord to a vassal
Manor self-sufficient estate of a medieval lord where most serfs live
self-sufficient able to exist on one's own
Homage Respect; loyalty
Keep large stone structure of a castle where the noble family lives
Great Hall large room in the keep of a castle where large dinners and banquets were held
Well water source in a castle
Chapel small church on the grounds of a castle
Kitchen place on castle grounds where food was prepared
Barrack place on castle grounds where knights slept
Stable place on castle grounds where the knights' horses were kept
Tower structure of the castle where the knights kept watch for attacking enemies
Gatehouse structure of the castle which housed the portcullis
Drawbridge structure of the castle which was raised and lowered to allow for passage over the moat
Moat ditch filled with water that surrounded the castle for defensive purposes
Breakdown of Medieval Society Hundred Years' War; Bubonic Plague
Magna Carta English document signed in 1215 that included the rule of law, common law, and trial by jury
Bubonic Plague A deadly disease that was carried by rats and fleas on trade ships between Asia and Europe.
Crusades Series of wars fought between 1096-1291 where European Christians were called to drive the Muslims from the Holy Land and take control of Jerusalem
Charlemagne In 800, he was crowned the Holy Roman Emperor by the pope. During his reign, education was a focus.
Habeus Corpus Order to bring an arrested person before a judge or court
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