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Ch.4 Grade Svrs Pt.2

Popular Culture Dynamic Culture
Globalization Expansion of economic, political and cultural processes
Cultural Imperialism Dominance of one culture
Maladaptive diffusion Adoption of impractical trait for culture
Placelessness Loss of locally distinctive characterisics
Sense of place State of mind
Sequent occupance Waves of culture move into an area and modify
Cultural transition zone Area around boundary between two culture regions exhibits traits from both cultures
Relocation Diffusion Spread of an idea or trait through physical movement
Contagious Diffusion Rapid widespread diffusion
Hierarchical Diffusion spread of an idea from power to others
Reverse Hierarchial Diffusion spreads from little influence to larger areas
Stimulus Diffusion Spread of an underlying principle/idea
Syncreticism Development of a new form of cultural trait
Cultural Appropriation Process by which cultures adopt customs and knowledge from other cultures
Commodification Process through which something is given monetary value
Acculturation Process by which a less dominant culture adopts traits from more dominant culture
Assimilation Final Completion of cultural appropriation when a culture group loses its original traits and becomes part of the dominant culture
Multiculturalism Coexistence of several cultures in one society
Nativism Policy protecting interests of native born inhabitants
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