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Ch.4 Grade Svrs Pt.1

Culture Way of life
Material Components of culture Pieces of cultural landscape tangible
Nonmaterial Culture Oral traditions, songs, stories
Habit Repetitive Act
Custom Frequent repetition
Tradition Cohesive collection of customs
Taboo Restriction on behavior
Cultural trait Specific customs
Cultural Complex Group of traits
Culture System Collection of culture complexes
Culture Region Area in which culture system is found
Culture Realm Cluster of culture regions
Carl Sauer Prominent Geographer studying cultural landscape/ built environment
Cultural Landscape Tangible result oh groups interaction with environment
Cultural Hearth Origin of specific culture
Distance Decay Model Effects of distance
Core Domain Sphere Model influence of a culture decreases from core
S curve diffusion pattern Pattern slower pace innovation stage
Time Space Compression The shrinking "time distance" because of improved methods
Cultural Possiblism Environment influences cultures interact with environment
Environmental Determinism Theory physical environment causes socail/cultural development
Folk culture Culture traditionally practiced
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