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Basic Medications

Morphine: IV, Analgesic, opioid/narcotic, short acting Narcan reversal
Diazepam: Oral/IV, Sedation, (Valium), Benzodiazepine class Flumazenil reversal
Midazolam: IV, sedation, (Versed), Benzodiazepine class Flumazenil reversal
What is a benzodiazepine reversal agent? Flumazenil
Meperidine: IM, Analgesic, (Demerol), narcotic/opioid, Dont use with asthma or breathing problems Narcan reversal
Fentanyl: IV, Analgesic,(Sublimaze) narcotic/opioid,
Lanoxin: Digox Digitek, Treats heart hailure. helps it beat stronger/regular/ and atrial fib
Milrinone: Vasodilator, (Primacor)
Plavix: Blood clot preventor, blood thinner, (clopidogrel) stroke/heart attack
Coumadin: (Warfarin), Blood thinner, Prevent clots,
Lasix: (Furosemide), Diuretic may be given to CHF
Dopamine: (Intropin) causes more intense contractions, raise BP, Heart failure
Penicillin: drugs end in "cillin" (Amoxicillin), antibiotic,
Inderal: (Propranolol)(Metoprolol)(Lopressor) beta blocker, treats high BP, angina, and afib
Acetylcholine: Helps with muscular contractions
Dobutamine: (Dobutrex) stimulates cardiac muscle, used for low cardiac output
Verapamil: (Isoptin) Calcium channel block/anti hypertensive drug/ treats high BP severe angina, and arrhythmia
Benadryl: (Diphenhydramine) antihistamine
Prednisone: (Deltasone) Glucocorticoid, Steroid, treats inflammation
Solumedrol: (Methylprednisolone), Glucocorticoid, Steroid, treats inflammation
Decadron: (Dexamethasone) Glucocorticoid, Steroid, treats inflammation
Abciximab: (Reopro) Blood thinner, clot preventer Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors
Protamine: Heparin reversal, dont use on diabetics
Cimetadine: (Tagamet) Antacid and antihistamine
Drug class Ia , Ib, Ic: Sodium channel blockers aka Na blockers
Drug class II: Beta 1 channel blockers
Drug class III: Potassium channel blockers aka K blockers
Drug class IV: Calcium channel blockers aka Ca blockers
Ia: Na blockers; prolongs action potential Procainamide, quinidine
Ib: Na blockers; shortens action potential Lidocaine
Ic: Na blockers; Fecainide, propafenone
Beta 1 blockers: inderal, timolol, metoprolol
K blockers: Amiodarone, sotalol
Ca blockers: Diltiazem, verapamil, nifedipine
Nifedipine: (procardia) Ca blocker, treats high BP, angina,
Heparin antagonist: Protamine
Demerol/morphine antagonist: Naloxone (narcan)
Midazolam antagonist: Romazicon, flumazenil
tPA antagonist: amicar, aminocaprolc
Warfarin antagonist: Vitamin K
Stimulate: low BP due to vasodilation? stimulate alpha 1
stimulate: Asthma with broncho-constriction stimulate beta 2
Stimulate: Cardiac depression with low HR Stimulate beta 1
Stimulates what? Alpha 1 Vascular smooth muscle
Stimulates what? Beta 1 Heart muscle and AV node
Stimulates what? Beta 2 Lung bronchioles
Adrenergic ANS receptors: Alpha 1 adrenergic? Arteriolar vasoconstriction
Adrenergic ANS receptors: Beta 1 adrenergic? +chronotropic and +inotropic
Adrenergic ANS receptors: Beta 2 adrenergic? Bronchodilation (lung)
Adrenergic ANS receptors: Parasympathetic? - Chronotropic
1mg of epie for every 250ml (true or false) True
Dopamine: low dosage? CHF dose to raise HR, BP and urinary flow 1-4
Dopamine: Mid dosage? in shock, increases CO 4-10
Dopamine: High dosage? Peripheral vasoconstrictor 10+
Vasopressin is not recommended for? asystole and PEA
Vasopressin dosage? 1 time, 40 units IV push
Examples of pressor agents are? Dopamine,Aramine
What beta adrenergic agonist is used in the cath lab to stress a pt.'s heart? Isoproternol (Isuprel)
Dosage: Epinephrine: 1mg
Dosage: Amiodarone: 300mg
Dosage: Lidocaine: 1-1.5mg
Dosage Magnesium Sulfate: 1-2 g IV
Dosage: Procainamide: 20-50mg
Dosage: Bicarbonate: 1mEq
ACLS 1st line drug to terminate narrow complex tachycardia in stable pt.? Adenosine
Half life of injected IV adenosine is? 5 sec
First dose of adenosine? 6mg
Second dose of adenosine? 12mg
What may amiodarone cause? Hypotension and Bradycardia
Class III drug similar to amiodarone? Sotalol (betapace)
Elimination half life of amiodarone? 4-8 weeks
The effects of IV lidocaine? Ventricular arrhythmias, not for atrial converts unidirectional block to bidirectional reduces effective refractory period of purkinje fibers
Too rapid an injection of Procainamide may cause? Hypotension
Procainamide doage in cardiac arrest? 20-50mg SLOWLY
Acet;ylsalicylic acid: Aspirn
Abciximab: Reopro
Eptifibatide: Integrilin
Aggrastat: Tirofiban
Thrombin inhibitor? Bivalirudin (anigomax)
Most common adverse effects of NITRO Headache, Hypotension
Created by: IdAhOmEyEr
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