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Bible test 2

Infallible Not capable of error; never wrong
Manuscript A handwritten original work as opposed to a printed copy
Mercenary motivated by a greedy desire for money or other gain
Narrative a story or account
Origin source or beginning
publican a collector of public revenues, taxes, tolls
anointed consecrated or set apart, often signified by applying oil in a ceremony
catechism form of oral teaching by questions and answers
chronological arranged in order of occurrence
Compliation a collection of material from various sources to form a seperate work
discourse communication of thoughts through spoken or written language
genealogy an account of descent of a person from ancestors
parable a short, simple story from which a lesson is drawn
recipient one who receives
attendant one who accompanies another and serves him
centurion a roman military officer in charge of 100 men
concise brief and to the point
graphic clearly or vividly described
temperament frame of mind; nature of disposition
cultured broadly educated in the arts, humanities, and sciences
documentary a factual record or account
proselyte one newly converted to a religion
reconcile to bring into harmony
literary skilled in learning and literature
philosopher one who pursues knowledge, understanding, and wisdom
theology the study of God and his relationship to the universe
versatile able to do many things well
doctrine teachings or beliefs
profound intellectually deep; not superfical
synoptic presenting a common view
transfiguration the changing of form or appearance
abstract pertaining to ideas rather than things
conjunction a word used to connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentances
repetitive tending toward frequent use of certain words, phrases, or ideas
significance importance, consequence, weight
supplement to additional information; to make up for a lack
Created by: mockingj