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Kant's Deontology

Kant's Deontological Ethics

Deon is Greek for what? DUTY
What matters in deontology? Intention. Consequences DO NOT matter. Th intention makes something right or wrong.
What is morally right? Actions- those in accordance with certain rules, duties, rights, or maxims.
Deontology is..... Absolute moral rules not based on desires.
Hypothetical Imperatives? Statements about what you ought to do, on the assumption of some desire or goal. IF you want X, you OUGHT to do Y.
Categorical Imperatives? DUTY regardless of what you want. They are what we ought to do.
What makes an action good? If they are willed by goodwill.
Unversalisability? Act only on that maxim through which you can at the same will that it should become a universal law.
Universalisability Test? 1.Formulation 2. Recast as universal law whereby all people must act in the way you intend to. 3.Is this logically conceivable? Contradiction in Conception- I cannot imagine a world where everyone follows this maxim.
Universalisability Test? (Part 2) 4. Would you live in the world where this maxim is universal law? Contradiction in Will- I cannot rationally will the world to be this way.
Consistency of Conception? Does making the action universal undermine the very definition of the action?
Consistency of Will? Does making the action universal undermine the end of the maxim?
Autonomous actions? To act autonomously is to act according to laws I give myself.
Heteronomous actions? To act according to desires haven't chosen myself.
Created by: Karee6700