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Chap 5 vocab

Cataract A waterfall or steep rapids. Major ones on the Nile River are numbered.
An area of open woodlands and grassy plains.
Sahel An area of steppe and semidesert that borders the Sahara.
Sahara The world’s largest desert. It extends across Africa from the Atlantic to the eastern Sudan.
Kalahari A large desert in southwestern Africa that partially isolates southern Africa from the rest of the continent.
Nilotic Africa The lands along the Nile River.
Sudan The broad band of Sahel and savannah that crosses the African continent south of the Sahara.
Austronesian A widely dispersed language family with origins in the Pacific. Malagasy, spoken in Madagascar, is an one.
Afro-Asiatic A language family that includes Semitic languages, Kushitic, and others.
Nilo-Saharan A language family concentrated in the band between the Nile and Rift highlands of Morocco.
Niger-Kongo A language family that originated in the savannah and woodlands of west and south-central Africa.
Khoisan The language group spoken by the Khoikhoi, the San, and other peoples; also, the Khoikhoi and San peoples.
Nok A west African Iron Age culture renowned for its artistry.
Kush An ancient Nubian kingdom that in some periods dominated, and in others was dominated by, pharaonic Egypt.
Meroe The capital city of the ancient Napatan Empire, which at one time rivaled Aksum.
Aksum A powerful Christianized trading state in the Ethiopian highlands.
Monophysite Adhering to the dogma of the single, unitary nature of Christ (in opposition to the orthodox doctrine that Christ had two natures: human and divine).
Trypanosomiasis Sleeping sickness; a parasitic disease that is transmitted by tsetse flies. If untreated, it is fatal both to humans and animals.
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