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HIT Chap 14

Accounts receivable monies owed to the practice
Assignment of Benefits an arrangement by which a patient requests for the health insurance to pay benfefits directly to the provider
Billing Cycle the period when medical offices send statements to the patients
Collection agency an organization that obtains or arranges for payment of money owed to a third party
Daily journal a chronological record of all patient transactions;also called a day sheet
Equal Credit Opportunity Act act stating that a company can not discriminate against a credit applicant based on race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, age, or sex
Fair Credit Reporting Act law that gives consumers the right to a copy of ther credit reports
Fair Debt Collections Practices Act act that prohibits certain abusive methods used by third party collectors or bill collectors hired to collect overdue bills
General Ledger permanent history of all financial transactions from day one of the life of a practice
Patient information form a form that contains the demographic information for the patient; name, address, employer, and health insurance information
Patient ledger chronological accounting of a patients’ or family’s transactions
Payroll journal a listing of wages and salaries
Plaintiff the party bringing the lawsuit
Small claims litigation process that is setup to make it easy for individuals or businesses to recover legitimate debts without using expensive legal advisors
Surrogates substitutes
Truth in Lending Act requires the person or business entity to disclose the exact credit terms when extending credit to applicants
Created by: Alyshia