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Quick & Easy MT ch15

Quick & Easy MT Ch 15 The Endocrine System

hyposecretion deficiency in hormone production
hypersecretion excess in hormone production
endocrine glands ductless and secrete their hormones into the bloodstream
exocrine glands have ducts and secrete onto the outside surface of the body (sweat glands)
master gland pituitary gland
aden/o gland
adren/o adrenal glands (located at top of kidneys)
andr/o male or masculine
gigant/o giant
gonad/o gonad
insulin/o insulin
iod/o iodine
myx/o mucus
pancreat/o pancreas
parathyroid/o parathyroids
ren/o kidney
thyr/o thyroid gland
thyroid/o thyroid gland
toxic/o poison
-gen beginning, origin
-physis growth
-tropic stimulate
-tropin that which stimulates
-uria urine, urination
hyperthyroidism increased activity of the thyroid gland
exophthalmos protrusion of the eyeballs
hypothyroidism decreased activity of the thyroid
diabetes insipidus disorder associated with deficiency of antidiuretic hormone (produced by the pituitary gland)
polyuria frequent urination
polydipsia increased thirst
glycosuria sugar in the urine
hyperglycemia increased blood sugar
acromegaly a disorder in which there is abnormal enlargement of the extremities of the skeleton (nose, jaws, fingers and toes) caused by hypersecretion of growth hormone after maturity
adenoma tumor of a gland
adrenaline hormone - epinephrine, produced by the adrenals
androgen substance that produces or stimulates the development of male sex characteristics (testosterone)
cortisone hormone - regulates body metabolism and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent (produced in the adrenal glands)
cretinism condition caused by congenital deficiency of thyroid secretion and marked by arrested physical and MENTAL development
dwarfism disease caused by hyposecretion of growth hormone during childhood
estrogen female sex hormone
euthyroid normal thyroid function
gigantism a condition in which a person reaches an abnormal stature, results from hypersecretion of growth hormone during childhood
growth hormone a pituitary hormone that regulates the rate of growth
hyperinsulinism excessive secretion of insulin by the pancreas, causes hypoglycemia
hyperparathyroidism increased activity of the parathyroid glands
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
hypoparathyroidism decreased activity of the parathyroid glands
myxedema a condition resulting from hypofunction of the thyroid gland - dry, waxy swelling of the skin
thyrotoxicosis a morbid condition caused by excessive thyroid secretion
thyroxine an iodine-containing hormone secreted by the thyroid gland; function - to increase cell metabolism
adenectomy removal of a gland
thyroidectomy removal of the thyroid gland
Type 1 diabetes requires administration of insulin for blood sugar control
Type 2 diabetes controlled by exercise and diet, and glucose-lowering agents (if needed)
Created by: MrsSlagter
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