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5th Religion Ch 3

The Sacraments

What is a sign? It stands for or tells us about something. It can also be something that we do, an event, or a person
Why is Jesus the greatest sign of God the Father’s love? Because he is the Son of God
After Jesus returned to His Father, who helped the disciples to be signs of Jesus’ love and life? The Holy Spirit
What are the Sacraments (definition)? How many are there? The 7 celebrations that are special signs of God’s love and presence
Why did Jesus institute the Sacraments? To continue His saving work for all time
How are the Sacraments different from other signs of God’s love? The Sacraments truly bring about what they represent
What is sanctifying grace? The gift of sharing God’s life that we receive in the Sacraments
The whole __________ celebrates each Sacrament. Body of Christ
What joins Catholics all over the world with Jesus and one another to unite us as the Body of Christ? The Sacraments
What is Christian Initiation? The process of becoming a member of the Church
What are the 3 Sacraments of Christian Initiation? Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation
What is Baptism? It is our welcome into the Church. It frees us of Original Sin, and unites us to Christ
In Baptism, we become part of the ____________ and People of God. Body of Christ
What is Eucharist? The Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ.
What happens each time we receive Holy Communion? Our bonds as the Body of Christ are made stronger. We are nourished physically and spiritually.
What happens in Confirmation? We are sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit. It continues what Baptism began. It strengthens us to live as Christ’s followers
What is the call to holiness and evangelization? A common vocation shared by members of the Church to spread God’s word and grow in holiness
What does God call us to do? 1. Proclaim the Good News of Christ to all people by what we say and do 2. To share and give witness to our faith 3. To grow in Holiness
What is Holiness? Sharing in God’s goodness and responding to His love by the way we live
How does God’s Holiness come to us? It comes through the Grace
How do we grow in Holiness? We respond to the grace we receive in the Sacraments
What are the Sacraments of Healing? Penance & Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick
What is Penance? The Sacrament in which members of the Church are healed and reconciled (reunited) with God. This happens for those who are truly sorry. Sins are forgiven
How are priests able to forgive sins? Through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Christ
What happens to those who receive the Sacrament of Penance? Their relationship with God and the whole Church is restored
What is the Anointing of the Sick? This is for those who are very sick or near death. It may be celebrated at church, at home, or in the hospital.
What happens during the Anointing of the Sick? The priest anoints the sick person and prays for their health. They then have the power to respond to their illness with Hope.
What are the Sacraments of the Service of Communion? Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony
What is the purpose of the Sacraments of Service of Communion? To strengthen those who receive them to serve God and the Church through a particular vocation.
What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders? The calling that some receive to serve God as bishops, priests, nuns, or deacons
What is the role of a Bishop? They are successors of the Apostles; the leaders and official teachers of the Church
What are priests? They are coworkers with bishops. They are called to preach the Good News, celebrate the sacraments with and for us, and guide the members of the Church.
Who are deacons? They work in service for the whole Church. They baptize, witness marriages, preside at funerals, proclaim the Good News, and preach
What is the Sacrament of Marriage? When a man and woman pledge to love each other as God loves them. They promise to live their lives in service to each other and their children
What does the Sacrament of Matrimony do? It strengthens the couple throughout their lives. It enables them to share their faith with their family, and to serve the Church and community
What are the Seven Sacraments? Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance & Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Matrimony and Holy Orders
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