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Ch 12 Western Europe

AP WH Student Generated Questions

compare social classes in South Asia and Europe both had hierarchies, but European Feudalism allowed for more social mobility than the caste system in India
How did the Catholic & Orthodox churches impact Europe? the Catholic church had great power of people's lives in the feudal system; the Orthodox church converted Slavic peoples & Russians
Explain the 3-Field System a system of crop rotation: one part grew food, second part grew beans to add nitrogen, third part lay fallow (unused) to regain its fertility
Explain the Code of Chivalry a code of honor by which knights were expected to train for battle, resolve disputes peacefully, and display proper etiquette in public
List 2 impacts the Catholic Church had on education & literacy it created universities to teach religious leaders; it sent missionaries to convert and preach in the vernacular languages of the common people (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German)
What caused the rise of the middle class? the growth in commerce towards the end of the middle ages led to a small bourgeoisie class focused on trade rather than religious ideals
What led to the population growth in Western Europe? by 1200, Viking raids declined as they settled in Europe; agriculture methods improved (3-field) causing surplus food and a rise in trade led to movement to towns
How did a women's affiliation in religion impact their rights? being part of a religious order (convent) allowed women (nuns) to demonstrate their administrative and artistic skills
What role did churches have in education? only the religious officers received formal schooling and scholarships
What was European urban life like? streets were unsanitary, people would dump raw sewage in the streets, cities were overcrowded and disease and fires were constant threats
Explain two similarities between the Carolingian & Tang Dynasty they both used religion to legitimize their rule and both attempted to control the noble class with regional administrators
Explain two differences between the Carolingian & Tang Dynasty Europeans had no civil service exam due to a lack of focus on education; Catholicism was more religious than Confucianism
What contributions did the Viking innovations bring? Viking long ships allowed for more distant travel inland up rivers and streams
Compare the Viking invasions to the Magyar invasions Vikings invaded from the north, Magyars from the East; both led to territorial loss of the Roman & Byzantine empires
Compare the political instability of Western Europe with South Asia during the middle ages both lacked strong central governments to unite the regions poitically
What was a major political achievement of the Normans conquering England? The Normans were descendants of Vikings who practiced a version of the Parliament. The English nobles forced King John I to sign the Magna Carta, which limited the rights of a monarch
Compare the governments of the Holy Roman Empire with Norman England The HR Empire was ruled by an emperor while English monarchs shared power with the House of Lords & Commons
What effect did the Crusades have on Global Trade and Population they increased the demand for goods from Asia, inspiring the growth of trade; Italian city-states grew wealthy from the Crusades; flea-infested rats brought the bubonic plague to Europe
What were 3 social conditions influenced by the Renaissance? commerce, gender roles, and class relations
contrast the 1st & 4th Crusades 1st- captured Jerusalem, victory for Christendom; 4th- sacked Constantinople, never made it to the Holy Lands
Compare Daoism to Humanism both sought to achieve harmony with nature or humans rather than with a deity
Compare Renaissance art with Greek Culture the theatre was part of both, with some religious influence
What led to the rise of Nationalism? the printing press led to an increase in vernacular languages of the people, literature, art, and culture that reflected each region's history
List 3 authors who influenced middle age literature Copernicus, Erasmus, Dante, Chaucer
In what era did Humanism arise? the Renaissance
What did Charlemagne promote to help his empire rise? church based education and regional administrators
What did the Battle of Tours and Crusades have in common? they both were European military actions to stop Muslim advance
After the fall of Rome, what 3 invaders challenged the European kingdoms? Vikings, Magyars, and Muslims
What characteristics defined the Dark Ages learning was abandoned except for the church, cities were abandoned, trade declined, roads fell into disrepair, barter replaced use of coinage,
describe manoral life vassals owed service to lords on self-sufficient manors
describe the 4 social levels by hierarchy, highest to lowest king, lord, knight, serf
what was the relationship of vassal to lord based on? the vassals owed service to the lord in exchange for land and protection
describe gender roles for women in the middle ages women were not educated, nor had property rights, but could participate in religious orders and guilds
How did Avicenna contribute to learning in Europe he is the father of modern medicine with his works translated into Latin to teach medical students
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