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Liturgical Articals1


Roman Missal A collection of prayers said when celebrating the Sacrament, or the Holy Eucharist.
Lectionary Latin (Lectio) means a reading from the bible that are specially arranged for the readings needed at each mass according to the liturgical year.
Amice Put on first; over regular clothing; was a kind of scarf or neck cloth worn over the alb. In middle ages it was worn over the head.
Alb Second vestment; Latin (white). Covers the priest from neck to feet;loose fitting; Developed from roman tunic- worn under a more festive outer garnmant.
Cincture Worn w/ the alb; color of outer vestment; A cincture is tied in a knot and worn about the waist. Long; end has tassles.
Stole a long narrow piece of material worn around the neck and hanging down to below the knees. Worn inside the cincture. The symbol of the priests' ordination. Worn when celebrating ritual at a church.
Chasuble the outer vestment; Latin (casula-little house) the chasuble was originally a much longer garnmant than it is now.
Cope Another outer vestment; cape-like garnmant usually floor length; it is fastened loosly around the neck with a clasp and is open in front; worn for processions, when the stations of the cross are celebrated, and for Benediction.
Humeral Veil (Shoulder) veil. Worn over the Blessed Sacrament.
Cassock a long, black robe- like garnmant that covers from neck to feet. Bishop's is reddish purple; and a cardinal's is red. The pope wears a white cassock which is sometimes called the priest's buissness suit.
Pall covers the chalice
Chalice Veil Covers the pall, paten, purificator, and the chalice. Same color as the vestments
Aspergil The sprinker on a handle
Censor A small charcoal burner
Boat holds the inscence
Bells used to call attention
Monstrance holds the large consecrated host
Altar table of sacrafice
Sanctuary the place where the altar is
Communion rail something that divides the altar from the rest of the church
Tabernacle Where the extra consecrated host goes; Rectangular, rounded, metal box
Sanctuary Lamp a candle used to let someone know that Christ is present
Credence Table A table of the side of the sanctuary used for the dish and table for washing of the hands
Gift Table Holds gifts that will be brought to the altar.
Burse holds the corporal
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