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Chap. 21 Sec. 1,2,5

Why did the Dutch revolt against Spain? (Sec.1) Philip raised taxes and took steps to crushing Protestantism
What impact did the French religious wars have on French thinkers? (Sec 2) It turned French thinkers towards skepticism (questioned regulus beliefs)
To what extent did anti -protestantism contribute to Louis’s downfall? (Sec. 2 ) By cancelling the Edict of Nantes, it cost them many skilled workers, and wars against Protestant countries damaged the French economy.
How does a constitutional monarchy differs from an absolute monarchy? (Sec. 5 ) Under a constitutional monarchy, laws written by a legislative body limit rulers power.
What was the restoration? (Sec 5) Period of Charles II’s rule over England, after the collapse of Oliver Cromwell’s government.
What was the Glorious Revolution? (Sec 5) The bloodless overthrow of the English King James II and his replacement by William and Mary
What is the significance of England’s defeat of the Spanish Armada? (Sec. 1) It weakened Spain and opened the way for more European ventures to the Americas.
What was the result of the War of Spanish Succession? (Sec 2) France and Spain were not allowed to unite while Britain gained Gibraltar and Austrian Hapsburg's took Spanish Netherlands.
How did Jean Baptiste Colbert intend to stimulate economic growth in France? (Sec 2) He intended to stimulate economic growth in France with Mercantilism polices to make France self-sufficient.
Many historians think of Louis XIV as the perfect example of an absolute monarch. Do you agree? Explain why or why not. (sec 2) I agree because he controlled the economy, regulated worship, weakened nobility, and built a magnificent palace to show his power.
Why did absolute monarchs believe that they were justified in exercising absolute power? (Sec 1 ) They believed in divine right and believed their power was god-given.
What role did religion play in the struggle between the Spanish and the Dutch? (Sec 1 ) Philip thought it was his duty to defend Catholicism (strict catholic) and tried crushing Protestantism in Netherlands.
How did the lack of a middle class contribute to the decline of Spain's economy? (Sec 1) There were few business people to stimulate economic growth at home or to promote trade abroad.
What conditions in England made the execution of one king and the overthrow possible? (Sec 5) The power of Parliament.
Why was the death of Charles I revolutionary? (Sec 5 ) Never before had a reigning Monarch faced public trial and execution.
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