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5.5.5 Chronology

Wet Holocene period when Sahara was arable ca. 7500–2500 b.c.e.
Rapid desiccation of Saharan region begins ca. 2500 b.c.e.
Increasing Egyptian influence in Nubia ca. 2000–1000 b.c.e.
Kushite kingdom with capital at Napata becomes independent of Egypt ca. 1000–900 b.c.e.
Kushite kings rule all of Egypt 751–663 b.c.e.
Meroe becomes new Kushite capital ca. 591 b.c.e.
Meroitic Empire (height of Kushite power, ca. 250 b.c.e.–50 c.e.) ca. 500 b.c.e.–330 c.e.
Egypt becomes part of Roman Empire of Octavi 30 b.c.e.
Nok culture flourishes on Jos Plateau in western Sudan (modern central Nigeria) ca. 500 b.c.e.–500 c.e.?
Rise of Aksum as trading power on Ethiopian plateau First century c.e.
Fall of Meroitic Empire to Ezana of Aksum ca. 330 c.e.
Heyday of Aksumite Ethiopia ca. 200–400 c.e.
Christianizing of the major Nubian states of Maqurra and Alwa ca. 500–600 c.e.
Maqurra and Alwa make peace with Arab Muslim armies from Egypt 652 c.e.
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