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Religious beliefs

What is the main religious prophet/founder of Islam? Mohammed
What are the main set of rules in Islam? The 5 pillars of Islam
What is the holy text of Islam? The Koran
Where was Islam originated from? Saudi Arabia/Medina
Where was Hinduism originated from? India
Founder of Hinduism? No single founder
What is karma? All thoughts and actions result in future consequences
What system is practiced in Hinduism? The caste system where if your family comes from a line of farmers then you will be a farmer
Is rebirth a part of Hinduism? Yes and they want to end the cycle of rebirth
Can you convert to Hinduism? No, you are born into it
What is Dharma? The principal of cosmic order
What is believed about God's in Hinduism? That there are many different forms of ONE god and that he exists on the same realm as them
What are the religious texts of Hinduism? Vedas, upanishas, gitas, hindu epic poems, and mahabaratas
Where did Buddhism spread? South East Asia and China, has parts in Japan
Where did Buddhism originate? India
Who is the founder of Buddhism? Siddharta Gautama originally a Hindu prince until he found out how the lower castes were treated and sealed spiritual clarification
What are the rules of Buuddhism? The 4 nobke truths To live is to suffer Suffering is caused by desire Etc 8 fold paths to end desire
Do Buddists believe in rebirth? Yes they do and they wish to end the cycle of rebirth
How did Buuddhism spread to other parts of the world? Through asoka who sent missionaries throughout Asia
What is the religious text of Buuddhism? The tripitaka
Created by: Arbab