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Renaissance Essay

AP Global

Causes of the Crusades. Population increase meant that more land was needed, spread Christianity.
Effects of the Crusades. Venice and Genoa became rich due to trade,exposed to Islam's Golden Age,
Causes of the Renaissance. Crusades, rich Genoa and Venice with cultural diffusion and trade.
Effects of the Renaissance. Downfall of RCC,Scientific Revolution.
Causes of the invention of the printing press. Crusades, cultural diffusion through China because of the Silk Road, Johann Gutenberg.
Effects of the invention of the printing press. Literacy rates increased, books were written in the vernacular, spread of 95 Theses, spread of Bible, spread of the Prince, Protestant Reformation
Historical Context for Crusades. Cause- Islam had its Golden Age Effect- Europe led the Period of Exploration
Historical Context for Renaissance. Cause- Dark Ages, RCC had all the power Effect- Catholic Reformation
Historical Context for printing press. Cause- Education significance in China Effect- Catholic Reformation
Causes of the Protestant Reformation. 95 Theses, Corrupting of RCC.
Effects of the Protestant Reformation. Catholic Reformation, branches of Protestantism.
Historical Context of Protestantism. Cause- Printing Press Effect- Queen Mary and against Protestants
Causes for Scientific Revolution. Crusades, printing press.
Effects of the Scientific Revolution. Weakening of RCC, Europe leads period of exploration.
Historical context for Scientific Revolution. Cause- Christians want to take back Holy Land from Golden Age Muslims Effect- Catholic Reformation
Causes for Catholic Reformation. Protestant Reformation, Scientific Revolution.
Effects of Catholic Reformation. End of Catholic Corruption, transition of power to monarchs over religion.
Historical context for Catholic Reformation. Cause- Indulgences Effects- absolutism
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