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Global II Word Assoc

Global II Word Association

Scientific Revolution heliocentric, reason, Galileo, scientific method
Age of Enlightenment Reason, natural rights, democracy
John Locke democracy, natural rights, people can overthrow government
Montesquieu separation of powers
Adam Smith Laissez-faire, capitalism, supply and demand
Primary Source Autobiography, journal/diary, first hand, eyewitness
Political Scientist Government
Geography Mountains, Rivers, Climate
Economy Money, Trade, Production
Traditional Economy Barter, Subsistence, Same Occupation as Parents
Peninsula Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Korea
Archipelago Japan, Philippines
Karl Marx Communism
Communism No private property, No social classes
French Revolution estates, unfair taxation
Reign of Terror guillotine
Kemal Ataturk Westernization/Modernization
Islamic Fundamentalism limit women's rights
World War I trench warfare
Jomo Kenyatta nationalism
Gandhi nationalism, pacifist, civil disobedience, passive resistence
Nelson Mandela anti-apartheid
South Africa apartheid
Rwanda Hutu v. Tutsi, genocide
Cambodia Khmer Rouge, genocide, Pol Pot
Zionist Movement Jewish homeland in Palestine, Balfour Declaration
Boxer Rebellion nationalism, against foreign influence
Created by: mrfordglobal