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7th-2017-Bible Test 2-Lesson 4-6

What are 3 responsibilities God has given parents? save money for children-don't provoke your children to anger-raise your children so they won't forget
Wise people bring what to their parents? joy
Foolish people bring what to their parents? shame
What will spring up in our hearts if we become rebellious? a root of bitterness
What are two affects of this "root" according to Hebrews 12:15? cause trouble-it ruins them
When we feel rebellious, what can we practice to overcome bad attitudes? gratefulness
What is the most important component in discipline? attitude
Who does the hammer represent? God
Who does the chisel represent? parents
Who does the rock represent? disobedient teen
Who does the diamond represent? obedient teen
What are 3 ways in which we dishonor our parents? become enemies-disobeying-cursing/not blessing
How did the Israelites displease the Lord? taught their children idolatry?
How did Eli displease the Lord? he didn't control his children
How did David displease the Lord? he let Adonijah do whatever he wanted
How did Eunice please the Lord? she showed Timothy real faith in God
How did Amaziah please the Lord? taught Uzzaih to do right
How did Asa please the Lord? taught Jehoshaphat to worship God
How did Jairus care for his child? he had faith in Jesus to heal his daughter
How did Jochebed care for her child? she protected Moses from death
How did David care for his child? he prayed and fasted for his child'd life
How did Hannah care for her child? she devoted Samuel to the Lord
What is the glue that hold freedom and responsibility? trust
What are the three main results of sin, and how did Adam and Eve show it? guilt/saw they were naked-fear/hid from God-blame/Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent for eating the fruit
Who were the biblical men who blamed others?How? Aaron/the people wanted a god, so he cast gold in the fire and out came a golden calf-Saul/the people took spoils from war
What does maturity mean? We can admit when we are wrong. We know we will fail, but can admit our responsibility and change our way, so that mistake won't happen again.
Created by: pigsrule150
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