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Invasive Basics

Frequency = Herz
Force = Newton
Energy = Joule
Power = Watt
Charge = Coulomb
Potential = Volt
Capacitance = Farad
Magnetic flux = Weber
Mag. induction (Flux density) = Tesla (Gauss)
The flow of electric current is measured in? Amperes
What is the term used to denote the total opposition to flow of alternating current in a circuit? Impedance
The device by which alternating current is changed to direct current is known as a/an? Rectifier
What is the most common direct current (DC) electric power source? Battery
Electric battery current has a frequency of? 0 Hz
The elimination of vibrations at certain frequencies is accomplished through the use of electronic devices known as? Flters
When a DC defibrillator "charges" it stores electrical energy in its? Capacitors
In the USA, most electrical wall outlets provide? 60 cycle AC current at 120 volts RMS
The force which initiates the flow of electric current is termed? Voltage
What type of sensor is used in a thermodilution catheter to detect temperature changes? Thermistor
The Watt second (or Joule) is a unit of? Energy
What is the current drawn by a resistor of 100 ohms, if a 10 Volt battery is applied across it? 0.1 amp
What instrument converts one form of energy into another? Transducer
The hydrostatic pressure due to water at the bottom of a tank filled with water to a depth of 1 meter is? 100 gm/cm2
What new unit of pressure equals 1/760th of the barometric pressure at sea level? 1 Torr
Ultrasound transducers are usually composed of a Piezoelectric crystal
A change in electrical charge on a crystal following mechanical stress is termed the? Piezoelectric effect
The period of the wave emitted from a 5 megahertz continuous wave ultrasound transducer is? 0.2 Microseconds
The period of an ultrasound wave is determined by the? Source (Transducer)
The speed of an ultrasound wave varies. Which tissues below would conduct sound with an increasing propogation speed? Air, Soft Tissue, Bone
List 3 things that usually improve with increasing ultrasound frequency. Axial resolution, Lateral resolution, and Beam diameter
As the frequency of ultrasound increases its________. Resolution
Calculate the wavelength of a 1.5 megahertz ultrasound wave. 0.001 Meter
The ability of a system to clearly distinguish between closely spaced targets is termed that system's _______. Resolution
Who's law is this? "The relative frequency of a reflected wave increases as the relative motion of the reflector approaches the observer" Doppler's Law
In Doppler Echocardiography, what is the usual target from which the ultrasound is reflected? Red Blood Cells
What best describes turbulent blood flow? Complex non-Laminar fluid motion with vortex like eddies.
On a computer, the Cathode Ray Tube (or LCD) is termed as? The Monitor
What is an example of a binary code? 0011001
What would be an input device? A: Monitor B: Printer C: Scanner D: Speakers Scanner
What would be an output device? A: Mouse B: Printer C: Scanner D: Keyboard Printer
One kilobyte is? 1,000 bytes or 8,000 bits
Peri = Around
Endo = Within
Retro = Behind
Hyper = Excessive
Hypo = Deficient
Trans = Across
Vaso - Canal for carrying fluid
Phleb(o) - De-Oxygenated Vessel
Arterio - Oxygenated blood vessel
Ather(o) - Fatty degradation
Cholangi(o) - Bile duct
-emia Blood condition (presence in blood)
-poiesis Formation
-megaly Enlargment
-pathy Disease condition
-penia Deficiency
-itis Inflammation
-plasty Surgical repair
-ectomy Surgical Removal or Incision
-centesis Surgical Tap
-ostomy Surgical opening between organs
A patient with oliguria may be treated with a? Foley Catheter
Infiltration of fluids or blood around an arterial or IV access site is termed? Extravasation
The opening in a single use sterile femoral drape sheet is called ____. Fenestration
When caring for a patient with an IV, the IV bag should be? Kept above the level of the infusion site
and ambulatory patient is? Able to walk
Ventral Anterior
Dorsal Posterior
Cranial Superior
Caudal Inferior
Toward the midline Medial
Away from the midline Lateral
Closer to point of reference Proximal
Farther from point of reference Distal
A recommended position for a patient in acute pulmonary edema is? Sitting up position to facilitate breathing and decrease venous return.
A major safety guideline to a person transferring a pre-medicated patient from a bed onto a gurney is? Get adequate assistance
In general, when selecting an IV site in the arm at the beginning of a case. Start with the ______. Most peripheral (Distal) site.
Where should you start the IV when a radial artery catheterization is scheduled? Contralateral arm
When charting in the medical record, you should: Avoid generalizations like "appears, seems, inadvertently"
Prior to any cardiac invasive procedure the ultimate responsibility for obtaining informed consent lies with the? Operating physician / Cardiologist
To be legally valid, what is the LATEST that the patient should sign the informed consent form? Before the administration of any medication that would impair the patient's reasoning ability.
Informed Consent form: Protects the Hospital and Physician
Where is the PMI normally seen and felt? LV apex
Moist or crackling auscltatory sounds heard at the base of the lungs are? Rales
Murmurs on the Right heart side are affected by? Respirations
A palpable heart sound or murmur: Thrill
Sound heart over a blood vessel: Bruit
When a systolic murmur suddenly develops in a patient 12hrs after an MI you should suspect? Papillary muscle dysfunction
Loud 3rd or 4th heart sounds are termed: Gallops
Factors that commonly precipitate angina; Smoking, Emotional stress, Eating a large meal
List 5 signs of Cardiogenic shock; Low urine output, Low BP, Weak rapid heart rate, Cold clammy skin, & cyanosis
Amaurosis Fugax is a symptom that involves the patients? Sight
What are the sounds heard through the stethoscope when a blood pressure is taken? Korotkoff sounds
Destroys all microorganisms: Sterilize
Inhibits or stops growth of bacteria: Bacteriostatic
Kills bacteria: Bactericidal
Destroys most pathogens, on living tissue: Antiseptic
Destroys most pathogens on instruments, un-safe on living tissue: Disinfect
Destroys all pathogens: Aseptic
Medical Aseptic skin prep is directed at cleanliness and____. Elimination of all infectious agents (pathogens)
Cardiovascular personnel should use strict infection control and universal precautions when dealing with? All patients
The chief purpose of hospital infection control is to prevent? Nosocomial infections
In the cath lab which patient would be most susceptible to infection? Heart transplant patients
Bacteria that cannot live in the presence of air are? Anaerobes
The most complete, practical, efficient, and inexpensive method to sterilize metal instruments involves? Steam heat
Effective sterilization by autoclave depends on adequate? Temperature and Time
Sterilization of most plastic materials is best achieved with? Ethylene oxide (gas)
Most common vector for the spread of infection? Failure to wash hands
Single Cloth Wrapping; Not sterile
Double Cloth Wrapping; 21-30 days
Heat sealed plastic wrapping; 6 months - 1 year
Non-woven envelopes encased in sealed plastic wrapping; Indefinitely
Why would you elect to sterilize certain items with gas sterilization instead of steam? It is less damaging to items
The most positive assurance that a pack is sterile is by checking its? Biological indicators
A sterilized item dropped on the floor is considered sterile only if it has not been damaged and is? Enclosed in impervious material (plastic)
What is not an acceptable wrapper for gas sterilized items? Nylon
Which is the ONLY acceptable plastic wrapper for steam sterilized items? Polypropylene
When doing a surgical scrub, how high should you scrub, up your arm? 2 inches above the elbow
Created by: IdAhOmEyEr
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