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World H II

Age of Discovery & Renaissance

Michelangelo - Famous renaissance artist - St.Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, David
Leonardo da Vinci - Painter, sculptor, inventor, & a scientist - The Mona Lisa and the Last Supper
Shakespeare - Famous writer - Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet
Erasmus - Christian humanist - Written the Praise of Folly - Concerned with society's flaws
Ottoman Empire - Large multinational empire
Mughal Empire - Founded by a Chagatai Turkic prince - Bābur reigned 1526-1530 - Included Northern India - Lost empire to Afghan rebels -> Akbar took over and reestablished the dynasty
Aztec Empire - Present day mexico - Human sacrifice
Incan Empire - South America - Polytheistic -
The Silk Trade Route - Connected East to West - Goods, ideas, culture, knowledge, and beliefs
The Trans-Saharan Trade Route - Most of North Africa - Ideas, goods, and wealth - Gold
Martin Luther - Monk - Took a stand against Tetzel - Caused a reformation -Excommunicated, imperial code - Have to earn forgiveness from god
John Calvin - Men and women were sinful by nature - God has chosen very few select people to save - Theocracy best gov - Geneva - was a strict ruler
Henry VIII - The Reformation Parliament - Wanted a son heir -> 4th marriage
Elizabeth I - Daughter of Henry VIII - Inherits throne - National and state church - Battled Spain - Money problems - Supported protestants
Conflicts of the Catholic Church - Leaders were corrupt - Couldn't read - Married - Had children - Drank - Bought things for personal pleasure - Patronized in the arts - Fought wars
Reformation in Germany - German prices liked Luther's ideas - Declare independence from Charles V and take land - Lost war - Peace of Augsburg
Reformation in France - Protestant church flourishes after Elizabeth built the state church - Calvinism followers -> Huguenots
Catholic (Counter) Reformation - Church was reformed by two popes in the 1500s - Paul III ~ Directed council to investigate indulgences and other abuses ~ Punished heresy - Paul VI ~ Had officials draw up the index of forbidden books
Indulgences - Payment to have sins forgiven
Difference in Beliefs Between Luther and the Catholic Church - Luther ~ People have to have faith in god's forgiveness to get salvation ~ Pope and church traditions were false - Church ~ Popes, preist, and church traditions
Edict of Nantes - Law that granted a large amount of religions liberty to protestant subjects (Huguenots) - Henry IV - passed it April 13, 1598
Jesuits - Followers of the Society of Jesus
Taj Mahal - Built for emperor's deceased wife - 20 years - 20,000 workers - debt
Anglican Church - Only baptized those who knew they wanted to be christians
Council of Trent - Church Leaders
Act of Supremacy - The replacement of the head of the church with the king
Humanism - Study of humans - Erasmus + Moore
Cultural Diffusion - Spread of cultures
Italian Renaissance - Increase of wealth and arts
Judaism - Monotheistic - N America + Israel - The Torah - Ten Commandments - Synagoge - Reform, Orthodox, + Conservative
Christianity - Monotheistic - N + S America, and Europe - Bible - Church - Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant
Islam - Monotheistic - Middle East, Africa, and Asia - Qur'an - Mosque - Sunni, and Shi'an - Muhammed is their prophet - Five pillars of faith
Hinduism - Both polytheistic and monotheistic - India - Vedas - Reincarnation - Kharma - Enlightenment
Buddhism - Both polytheistic and monotheistic - East and South-East Asia - Four Noble Truths - The Eight-fold Path
Printing Press - Gutenburg - bible -> first book
Vasco da Gama - Portuguese explorer - SW Coast of India
Christopher Columbus - Italian explorer - Discovered Caribbeans
Hernando Cortés - Conquistador - Conquered the Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro - Conquistador - Conquered the Incans
Ferdinand Magellan - Portuguese explorer - Southern end of South America - Only 18/230 made it back - Sailed around the world
Francis Drake - English explorer -
Jacques Cartier - Frenchman - St.Lawrence and Mont Royal
Factors That Led to Discovery of New Land - Spices - New route - Convert - Technology - Wealth
Colombian Exchange - Global transfer - Foods, plants, + animals - Corn and potatoes
Triangular Trade - Transportation of slaves, sugar, coffee, tobacco, molasses, etc.
Impact of Gold & Silver Being Traded From America to Europe and Asia - Brought in wealth
Chinese Policy on Trade + It's Impact - Influences to a minimum - Only gov was allowed to make foreign trade - Weak dynasty
Japan Policy on Trade + It's Impact - 200 years - Protect politics and traditions - Far behind
Commercial Revolution - New wealth - Overseas trade - New business and trade practices in Europe
Mercantilism - Depended on wealth - Favorable balance trade
Technology Advances - Caravel - Astroblad - Magnetic compass
Navigation Center - Prince Henry founded it
Dutch East India Company - Richer and more powerful - Took dominance in trade in East India - HQ - Bataria - Seized Malacca, spice islands, and cape of good hope.
Bartolomé de las Casas - Bishop of Chiapas - Concerned w/treatment of natives - Led to slavery of africans
Portugal's Exploration - Strong gov support - Nav school - Dias - Gama
Tokugawa Legasu - Computed the unification of Japan - Won battle of Selligahara - Alternate attendance policy
Smallpox - Spread in the Americas killing natives
Latin American Societal Classes (Mestizo, Peninsulares, + Creoles) - Mestizo ~ Spanish/native - Peninsulares ~ Spanish settlers - Creoles ~ European/black
Encomienda - Natives farmed, ranched, or mined for Spanish landlords
Middle Passage - Passage to transport enslaved Africans
Capitalism - Private ownership - Investment of wealth for a profit
Balance of Trade - Sold more goods than bought - Mercantilism
Regions That the French, Spanish, + Dutch Controlled in the Americas - French ~ New York Harbor, St.Lawrence, Mont Royal, New France, Jamestown - Spanish ~ Much of S North America - Dutch ~ New Netherland
Conquistadors - Spanish explorers - Cortes - Aztecs - Pizarro - Incans
Qing Dynasty - Ming was weak - Machus - 260 years - Restored prosperity
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