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medical termage

medical terms ch.8

-stasis stopping
-poiesis formation
-emia blood condition
poikil/o irregular
chrom/o color
hem/o blood
cyt/0 cell
kary/o cells nucleus
plasma liquid part of lymph and blood
platelet cell in blood required for clotting,clots in site of injury
serum blood plasma(minus clotting factor)
heme non-protein part of a hemoglobin that contains iron
leukocyte white blood cell
thrombocyte platelet
albumin helps maintain blood volume and pressure(simple proteins in tissue)
angioplasty invasive procedure to alter the interior of a blood vessel
angina pain radiating from the heart to the shoulder and left arm, feeling of suffocation
adenitis inflamation of the lymph nodes or glands
anticoagulant substance that prohibits the coagulation of blood
arteriosclerosis degeneration and hardening of the walls of arteries
atherosclerosis fatty degeneration of the arteries
bicuspid heart vlave between the left atrium and ventricle. aka:mitral valve
embolism presence of an obstrction in a blood vessel
ischemia temporary and localized anemia caused by an obstruction of the circulation to a part
infarction infiltration of foreign particles; material in a vessel
-osis condition,status,process, sometimes denoting an abnormal increase
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