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Hist Exam 2

Shang Dynasty 1500-1027 B.C
Shang Dynasty succeeded in taking over 18 hundred city states
Shang Dynasty possessed art of bronze working and had a system of writing composed of signs
Shang Dynasty city government developed well
Shang Dynasty priest were important and advisees King and Queens and made sacrifices to their ancestors
Shang Dynasty possessed a calendar
Shang Dynasty crafted specialization in urban center
Shang Dynasty dynasty ended in 1027
Chou Dynasty ca 1027-256 B.C
Chou Dynasty conquered Shang Dynasty
Chou Dynasty most memorable for their poetry and laws were written down, and market places increased a money economy appeared
Chou Dynasty great advances in craft and agriculture: plows and fertilizer
Chou Dynasty iron started to displace bronze for tools and weapons
Chou Dynasty had the great Chinese scholar Confucius
Ch' in Dynasty cas 318-210 B.C
Ch' in Dynasty expanded control of food production area in Szachuan
Ch' in Dynasty established huge system of irrigation
Ch' in Dynasty dug canal 100 miles long
Ch' in Dynasty food was produced in large amounts
shih huamg-ti First Emperor
shih huamg-ti ca 222 B.C
shih huamg-ti government established led all the way up to the 20th century
shih huamg-ti 221 B.C decreed the whole country needed to be divided into 41 military sections
shih huamg-ti custom, laws, weights, measures all standardized
shih huamg-ti even axils of wheels were standardized
shih huamg-ti 222 B.C began construction on tree road
shih huamg-ti Great Wall of China North combined
shih huamg-ti first time we have this bull separating the world which built wall to keep them out
shih huamg-ti standardize the writing (many forms of writing
shih huamg-ti he decided that the existing literature was too worshipping of the other life so he burned all of them
shih huamg-ti 460 men put to death
shih huamg-ti people he valued were left alone
shih huamg-ti 210 B.C he died
Han Dynasty 202 B.C. - 9 A.D
Han Dynasty imperial age
Han Dynasty great intellectual achievement: sun dyles, water clock, developed calendar was in general used till 1947
Han Dynasty sun spots - 28 B.C.
Han Dynasty discovered the orbit of the moon
Han Dynasty invented seismograph (earthquake detector)
Han Dynasty Chinese scholar said that average 1 moon eclipse and eclipse are regular
Aegean their earliest civilization called Minoan
Aegean centered on the island of Crete
Aegean capital was Kmossos
Aegean people appeared about 2,000 B.C
Aegean were traders: dominated trade in eastern med
Aegean very advanced: royal palace was estivated; had running water; walls were painted beautifully
Aegean ended abruptly in 1450 B.C
Aegean Legend of Atlantis
there was a volcanic eruption on a neighboring island called Thera and it made a massive tsunami which hit Crede which destroyed the cities what really happened to the island of Crede
Greece the mycenaeans or called the achaeans moved here in 2,000 B.C
mycenaeans or called the achaeans by 1600 B,C had established multiple cities and kingdoms
mycenaeans or called the achaeans were traders traded all around the med while establishing colonies around med and turned them into cities
mycenaeans or called the achaeans these people moved into Crede and tried to take over konosses but earthquake took over
mycenaeans or called the achaeans very war- like widespread of warfare among each other in city states
750 B.C when was the dark ages in Greek history
Dark Ages time when Homer composed epic tales The Iliad and the Odyssey
Nobility 750 B.C was when who took control of the tribal Kings
Common People once the nobility took over life became harder for these people
colonies 750-550 greeks set what through out med
Sparta what are the two important city states that Greece Developed
Sparta located in Peloponnesus
Sparta concentrated on conquering and enslaving neighboring cities
Sparta didn't allow travel or trade (were afraid of new ideas)
Sparta warrior society
Sparta no place for weaklings
Sparta babies that were deformed where placed into the wilderness for death
Sparta young boys were made into military weapons removed from homes at young age
Sparta the boy with the fox story
Sparta formed allies with other city states
Sparta hated democracy
Ionian 499 B.C
Ionian revolted against Persians
Ionian asked Athens for help
Ionian sent 20 ships and helped the Ionians fight the Persians
Plain of Marathon Persians v Athens meet and were battling Athens won the victory
Darrius 1 who led the Persians in the plain of marathon
Xerxes who led the Persians 10 years later
Darrius 1 who won the rebellion of Ionian vs Persians
athens and sparta who became allies against the Persians
Pass of Thermapyla 300 spartans and Athens held off army for three days until a traitor of Greece showed Persians a backpay which led to the Athens and spartans to be slaughtered
Bay of Salamis Greek ships destroyed Persian fleet 359 ships and greeks destroyed 200 of them which let to Persians to withdraw
Battle of PLataea 479 B.C Persians were defeated which ended the Persian wars
Ionian in 478 B.C athens renewed hostility with persians until they freed the ( )
Delian League Athens was the leading naval allies and allies came together and called themselves the
Delian League enabled the Greeks to expel persians out of Agion sea leaving Athens in control
no longer necessary the city states believed that the league needed to be what
Delian League Athens wanted to keep what
Spartans and allies this led to relationship between who to go bad with Athens
imperialism worries arouse about Athens what
Pericles Leader of Athens (494-429)
Sparta in 459 B.C Athens went to war with who
Peloponnesian War 431-404 B.C what war occurred
very destructive according to Athens general Thucydides the Peloponnesian War was
plague in 429 the Persians leader died from the
Alcilrideis new leader of Athens was named (during Peloponnesian War
Alcilrideis his schemes brought defeat upon Athens
Alcilrideis who doubled cross both spartans and persians
Spartans who won the Peloponnesian War
Greece after ( ) went through a state of decline
Herodotus father of History 485-425 B.C wrote factual events of what he saw in Middle East
Macedonia country relatives of Greeks
King Phillip II Macedonia's king
King Phillip II made Macedonia into a powerful state
King Phillip II combined Macedonian calvary (mounted troops) with Greek Phalanx (formation of soldiers)
greek formation of soldiers What is a phalanx
Macedonians need up conquering many places and started making Athens nervous
Phillip II and they were deafened Athens and Thebes got together to oppose who and what was the outcome
Greece Phillip went and conquered all of
assassination of Phillip II 336 B.C who died
Alexander Phillips son 336-323 B.C became leader after Phillip II
Alexander the Great Conquered Asia Minor, capital of persian empire and kept going
Indus River after crossing what did Alexanders army refuse to go any further
missed their home and their families why did soldier turn back with Alexander
he died on the way back home now one knows why how did Alexander die
Alexander the Great created Worlds First Empire
Alexander the Great Greece to Northwest India (territory)
1) Antigoonas Gonatas 2) Ptolemy lagus 3) Seleucus 4) Eumenes names of the generals that got Alexanders empire
Antigonas Gonatas King in Macedonia
Ptolemy Lagus King in Egypt
Seleucus King of Asia Minor
Eumenes controlled city state of Pergamum
Rome founded in 753 B.C
twin brothers Romulus and Remus where found in the forest by a female wolf and was raised by her and grew up to create Rome legend of Rome
Aenaeas Virgil claimed that Rome was founded by who
Rome modern scholars believe that the meeting place for latin settlements became
Etruscans 600 B.C conquered Rome
Etruscans know little about them just that they were successful in trading and metals
Etruscans 575 - 550 B.C temples and public buildings were built in Rome
Capitaline Hill center of religious district ; Temple of Jupiter
Etruscans influenced romans culture
alphabet and toga and arch Romans borrowed what from Etruscans
Early Republic of Rome 509-133 B.C
events of Rome have come down to us in tales (mix of fact and legend) Roman Historian named Livy said what
The Patricians (Nobility) to set up republic according to legend the ( ) expelled the etruscans out of Rome
elective power given to consoles (elected annually from nobility) gave power to a dictator for limited of time the republic of rome gave
Cincinnatus applied a Dictator of Rome and after war went back to working on his farm
Plebeians who were the commoners called
tribunes the plebeians developed a system called ? which talked to consoles
Plebeians ran the Etruscans out of rome took 10 years
celts or Guals 390 B.C rome was on the raise until ( ) invaded
Guals more interested in luting rome instead of land
Guals Rome offered them money to leave and they did
fighting group consisted of 5,000 infantry and 300 mounted what is the roman legion
Pyrrhus Romans were trying to claim Greek lands and was fighting
Pyrrhus won many battles against the romans but in the end they were defeated win the battle but lost the war
1st Punic War carthage vs rome
the carthages controlled large part of med what did romans see as a threat during 1st Punic War
navy what did rome need to win the 1st Punic War?
Carthegens after 7 major battles and carthage won 6 of them who wanted peace
Romans who won the 1st Punic War
23 years and lost 200,000 men how long was the 1st punic war
Hannibal who was the general of the Carthagens during the second Punic War?
Hannibal who learned to lead large armies and range war on a large scale, he also realized the value of swift mobile forces
Sagumtom where did Hannibal lead a large siege to?
to block all ways of entering or exiting and then starve them out what was Hannibals plans for his siege?
40,000 soldiers and 9,000 calvary and 3 African War Elephants what did hannibal have with him?
crossing the alps which cost him half of his men and almost all his elephants what was Hannibals second strategy?
Hannibal Hannibal did take the romans by surprise and after 3 battles in 3 years who won these battles
Scipioabricanus who studied Hannibals tactics?
Scipioabricanus and spain who reorganized the roman legion and where did they take them
North Africa to face Hannibal face to face after taking all of spain where did Scipioabricanus go?
Scipoabricanus who won the battle between Scipioabricanus and Hannibal?
had to sign a peace treaty in 201 B.C was to pay a large amount of money to Rome had to disarm their troops and formally give over Spain what was required of the Carthagens after Hannibal was deafened
Rome dominated all of the West What was the result of the Second Punic War?
Aristocrats who governed Athens in the 7th century?
7th Century a lot of small farmers became slaves to nobility
and aristocrat who came up with a compromise: which comdemed the leadership ways who was Solon
archon (major) Solon was elected what by the aristocrats
Solon given great power to reform the city state he began by freeing all slaves who were enslaved for dept. and recalled all exiles and cancelled dept. on lands made enslavement illegal made lower class more apart of gov
Pisistratus rose after Solon who was a tyrant in 560 B.C
Pisistratus not a bad person. was one of the exiled and he banished a lot of aristocrats and distributed there land to the poor
Pisistratus supported the arts and public work which led to the cultural leadership of greeks
Cleusthenes who seized power in 508 B.C.
Cleusthenes had support of the common people instituted reforms which destroyed remaining power of nobility
Cleusthenes created the athenian democracy
allowed each one to kept a role in their boundaries what did the democracy do to athens
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