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WH Wynn U4 Review

Middle Ages & Byzantine Empire

Scholars from this empire were important because they helped preserve ancient Greek & Roman ideas. Byzantine Empire
What document established the idea that monarchs must obey the law, too? Magna Carta
This term describes the designs used to decorate books during the Middle Ages. illumination
This is another word for 'middle age'. Medieval
Small images of holy people used by the Byzantine church were called... icons
What was the name of the alphabet designed for Slavic languages? Cyrillic alphabet
The legal system based on customs and court rulings is called... common law
The estate granted to a vassal by a lord is called a ... fief
The practice of lending money and charging interest is called... usury
A ________ is a document that sets out the rights of a town. charter
_________ grew up around cathedrals to teach clergy & lawyers, they also helped unify society. Universities
What did the Magna Carta do to the power of English king John? weakened it
What happened to western Europe as the western half of the Roman Empire started to decline? it fell into disorder and chaos
After this event, western Christians accepted the authority of the pope in Rome. Great Schism
This group of people raided, burned, and looted parts of western Europe but also set up trade routes and settled in western Europe. Vikings
What do Ivan the Great, Ivan the Terrible, William the Conqueror, and Henry II have in common? (2 things) They wanted to increase their power and limit their nobles' power.
Pope Urban II called for this group of people to be overthrown in the 'Holy Land'. Muslim Turks
This agreement granted the Church the power to elect and invest bishops but the emperor could give the bishops fiefs. Concordat of Worms
Lending money at interest was the exclusive job/career of what group of people? Jews
What was the hierarchy of social classes in medieval Europe from top to bottom? monarch, lords/nobles, vassals, peasants
Why was Justinian's Code important? It revised & reorganized centuries of Roman laws into an understandable code.
What was another name for Justinian's Code? Corpus Juris Civilis
What group of people were bound to the land where they worked, even though they were not slaves? serfs
What effects did the Black Death have on the population of Europe, production, and cost of labor? 1/3 of the population died, production declined, cost of labor increased
What event probably weakened Spain's economy and made their cultural life less diverse? the Reconquista
Why were Jews attracted to eastern Europe in the late Middle Ages? They could practice Judaism there without persecution.
A child's education in the Middle Ages centered on religious knowledge. What does this say about the values of Medieval society? Religion was the center of their society.
What was an interdict? When the Church barred religious practices/sacraments for an entire town, district, or diocese.
What major event moved Europe away from a bartering economy to a money-based economy? The Crusades
What was the main thing that made Constantinople a good location as a capital city? It was located at trading crossroads coming from Europe and Asia.
According to the code of chivalry, what were knights expected to do ? protect peasants and noblewomen; be brave, loyal, and true to their word; treat captured knights well
The second Great Schism caused people to question the _______. authority of the Church
Created by: Ms.Wynn