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-7th-2017-EXAM-Chapter 1-5-

-creation- -God created the heaven and the earth-in the beginning-
-creation mandate- -"Be fruitful, multiply the earth, and subdue it"-
-fall- -the first sin on earth by Adam and Eve in which they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil-resulted in death and suffering-
-Noah's flood- -the worldwide flood that destroyed everything-took Noah and his family
-barbarians- -a culture or civilization that was neither Roman nor Greek-
-Covenant- -solem agreement between God & man-
-divine sovereignty- -God;s complete and total control over this world-
-gospel- -God sent his son to die for us, he lived a perfect life, and died on the cross, and rose again-
-redemption- -God's plan for man to reveal their hope-
-nero- -roman empire who blamed the Christians for the fire in Rome-
-constantine- -roman emperor who converted to Christianity and forced people to be a Christian-issued the edict of mulan-
-jacob- -Isaac's son who had 12 sons-name changed to Israel-
-five pillars- -creed, prayer, almsgiving, fasting, trip to Mecca-
-holy books- -Hadith and Qur'an-
-Mecca- -where Muhammad was born-Muslim is required to make a pilgrimage to-
-Hajj- -pilgrimage to mecca-box that Muslims walk around-
-Hegira- -flight-the travel to Mecca-
-Allah- -Islamic God-
-infidel- -non Islamic people-
-Jihad- -strive hard-holy war-
-Sharia- -Islamic law-
-Franks- -french-fought against the muslims in the battle of tours-
-tours- -Battle between the Franks and Muslims-Charels Martel "the hammer" partake -
-Greek Fire- -a chemical mixture that burned upon impact and spread when in contact with water-
-constantinople- -the capital of Byzantium Empire- built by constantine-
-Animism- -praying and sacrificing to spirits that live in nature-
-Family- -supplied an African with a history-
-clan- -group of families could trace their ancestry to a relative-
-tribe- -consisted of 2 or more tribes with the same language and belief-
-Ghana- -great trade place-
-Ethiopia- -name for Aksum-
-Coptic Christianity- -Frumentius introduced it to Ethiopia-
-Ezana- -ruler of mali-
-Mansa Musa- -ruler-made a pilgrimage to Mecca who gave out gold on-Timbuktu-
-Swahili- -trade language that originated from Bantu-
-Arabic- -trade language for merchants-
-Cathay- -China-
-shang- -the dynasty around 1500 BC-
-buddhism- -Chinese religion focused on suffering-
-ancestor worship- -the practice of praying to dead family members-
-shintoism- -a Japanese religion that taught nature worship the deity of the emperor patriotism-
-Bushido- -Japanese unwritten military code of the samurai-
-Shogun- -the title of a Japanese clan's leader-great general-
-Samurai- -Japanese warrior-
-Hara-kiri- -ritual suicide practiced by Japanese warriors-
-Shamanism- -mongolian religion that believes certain men have control over spirits-
-Chinggis Khan- -mongolian title "great ruler"-Mongol Empire's founder-
-Kublai Khan- -Chinggis Khan's grandson, gained control of Southern Song-
-kamikaze- -divine wind-
-romanesque- -an architectural style used in the early Middle Ages that used elements of Roman styles of architecture -
-gothic- -an architectural style used in the 13th century that used flying buttresses, stained glass-
-dante- -Italian poet-wrote Divine Comedy-
-Chaucer- -English poet-wrote Canterbury Tales-
-crusades- -called to free the Holy Land and defeat the infidels-they failed-
-William the conqueror- -founded the Norman dynasty in the year 1066-
-Henry II- -strengthened royal authority in England-
-pope- -controlled papal power-
-vernacular- -national language such as French or German-
-bank- -sat on the bench and lent money-
-cathedral- -a large building every town had-
-charter- -parliamentary decree that have the British crown control over the British East India Company-
-chivalry- -a code or strict set of rules for a knight-
-common law- -intended to guarantee justice, helped unify England-
-interdict- -people were denied access to most of the sacraments-
-power of the purse- -limited the kings power by money-
-magna carta- -decree that king John was forced to sign-
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