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Ch. 3 Pharmacology

Commonly rx medications

what is Pharmacology? the study of medications
albuterol bronchodilator
amlopidine besylate antihypertensive (use to lower HBP), calcium channel blocker
amoxicillin antibiotic
aripiprazole antipsychotic (tranquilizers)
atorvastatin statin, antilipemic (lower cholesterol)
azithromycin antibiotic
celecoxib anti-inflammatory
cephalexin antibiotic
ciprofloxacin antibiotic
clopidogrel antiplatelet agent (prevent blood clots)
donepezil anti-Alzheimer's (demetia)
duloxetine antidepressant
enoxaparin anticoagulant
escitalopram antidepressant
esomeprazole anti-ulcer agent, proton-pump inhibitor
fenofibrate antilipemic (lower cholesterol)
fluticasone/salmeterol antiasthma, glucocoticoid, bronchodilator
gabapentin anticonvulsant
hydrochlorothiazide diuretic (helps eliminate excess fluid from the body. Ex: pee)
hydrocodone + acetaminophen opioid (narcotic), analgesic
insulin hypoglycemic
levofloxacin anntibiotic
levothyroxine thyroid hormone
lisinopril antihypertensive, ACE inhibitor
losartan antihypertensive
memantine anti-Alzheimer's
metformin hypoglycemic
methylphenidate central nervous system stimulant
metoprolol succinate antihypertensive, beta blocker
metoprolol tartrate antihypertensive, beta blocker
montelukast bronchodilator, leukotriene inhibitor
olanzapine antipsycotic (tranquilizer)
omeprazole anti-ulcer agent, proton-pump inhibitor
oxycodone opioid (narcotic) analgesic
pioglitazone hypoglycemic
pravastatin antilipemic (lower cholesterol), statin
prednisone glucocorticoid (type of steroid)
pregabalin anticonvulsant
quetiapine antipsychotic (tranquilizer)
rosuvastatin antilipemic (lower cholesterol), statin
sildenafil erectile dysfunction agent
simvastatin antilipemic ( lower cholesterol), statin
sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim antibiotic
tramadol analgesic
valsartan antihypertensive
warfarin anticoagulant
zolpidem sedative-hypnotic (for sleep)
Created by: sam21alvarado
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