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World History

World History Conquest Test

What were the Taino Indians like? generous and giving
Give 2 examples of how Spanish Conquistadors treated the Native Americans. 1. enslaved the natives 2. forced natives to convert to Christianity
When Hernan Cortes landed in Mexico in 1519, what did he bring with him? 600 men, 16 horses, a few cannons
Why did Montezuma refuse to attack Cortes and what did Montezuma do instead? thought Cortes was Quetzacoatl; sent gifts of gold and silver to Cortes asking not to come to Tenochtitlan
What 3 things happened after Montezuma welcomed Cortes into Tenochtitlan? 1. relations between Aztecs and Spanish went bad 2.Aztecs drove Spanish out but Montezuma killed 3.Cortes regrouped and attacked capturing Tenochtitlan
How did Pizzaro conquer the Incas in Peru? Pizzaro captured the Incan ruler and demanded a huge ransom for his return, he got the ransom but killed the Incan ruler anyway.
Give 4 reasons why the Europeans were able to conquer the huge Aztec and Indian Empires? 1. superior military and technology 2. division between the Indians 3. European diseases 4. Indian felt like the gods had deserted them
What role did Catholic Church play in Spanish America? winning souls for Christianity as important for Spain as was conquering new lands
Name 3 trade restrictions Spain imposed on the Spanish Colonies. 1. colonists could export raw materials 2. colonists could only buy Spanish manufactured goods 3. colonists could not trade among themselves
What profitable crop began to be produced in the West Indies? sugar cane
What happened to the native population as a result of Encomienda's? natives were enslaved and forced to work on plantations
Give 2 reasons why the New Laws of the Indies did not work. 1. Spain too far away to enforce laws 2. natives became Peons which are workers forced to labor for a landlord to pay off a debt
What was the Highest Social class in Spanish America? Peninsulars: people born in Spain
What was the Largest Social class in Spanish America? Mestizos: people of mixed native Americans and European decent
What was the Lowest Social class in Spanish America? Native Americans or Africans
What was the first University in all the Americas? University of Mexico established in 1551
Give 3 examples of cultural blending in Spanish America. 1. Spanish settlers built homes like the natives 2. African farming methods and cooking styles became popular 3. Spanish settlers introduced domesticated animals like the horse
Name 3 ways other European Nations began to challenge Spanish power in the Americas. 1. England 2. France 3. Dutch
Name 2 reasons why New France grew slowly. 1. harsh climate 2. tough wilderness
What types of economy began in New France? fur trading, trapping, and fishing
What 2 motives that brought English colonists to the Americas? 1. religious freedom 2. chance to make money
What were the 3 groups of English colonies? 1. New England colonies 2. Middle colonies 3. Southern colonies
How were the English colonies governed? Each colony had self government or assemblies of men who owned property that advised the Royal Governor in handling local issues
What was the British-French rivalry, and how did it affect the Americas? Seven year was erupted in Europe between Britain and France; in North America, the French and Indian war ignited between the French and English
Name 4 examples of Early encounters between the Europeans and Africans. 1. Europeans used force to seize coastal towns 2. established strong forts 3. traded with Africans for goods 4. soon viewed slaves as most valuable African good
Why did the Atlantic slave trade first begin? to fill the need for labor in Spain's American Empire
Who went into the forests of Africa to capture the Africans to sell into slavery? European traders
Name 3 ways the Atlantic Slave Trade impacted Africa. 1. African population dropped dramatically 2. some societies in Africa destroyed 3. African states that participated in slave trade grew powerful
What are 2 reasons why economic changes began occuring in Europe during the Global Age? 1. the conquest of American empires 2. increase in flow of gold and silver
Name 2 reasons why the Price Revolution occured? 1. increase in European population 2. increase in flow of gold and silver
How did the Europeans practice Mercantilism? They had colonies to help build up the supply of gold and silver for the mother country.
Created by: VickieJ10