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-7th-2017-Chapter 5-Activity Manual & SRQs-

-mayor of the palace- -official who held the true power in the Merovingian dynasty-
-Pepin the Short was crowned king by- -the pope-
-Charlemagne- -supported a revival of learning and monasteries-
-Innocent III- -the pope in which time the papacy reached its peak-
-Roman Church sacraments teachings- -taught that sacraments were means of earning grace necessary for salvation-
-towns- -1500 people moved from the manor to towns-
-towns opportunities- -nobles owned land-
-William the Conqueror- -nobleman who conquered England in 1066-
-Phillip II- -the French king who took land in France from English-
-3 motives for the Crusades- -opportunity for gaining wealth and land-religious promises of rewards in the afterlife-opportunity for travel and adventure-
-2 devices invented by Europeans- -spectacles-machanical clocks-
-banks did- -lent money to merchants-
-knights were trained by- -code of chivalry-
-Truce of God- -church decree that limited the days on fighting-
-students were taught in this language- -Latin-
-liberal arts universities- -composed of student groups who hired their own teachers-
-3 calamities- -Great Famine-Hundred Years' War-Black Death-
-Joan of Arc- -girl who rallied the French to defeat the English-
-Edward III- -triggered the war-
-animals that were blamed for the black death- -rats and fleas-
-town grew along- -trade routes-
-Europe's warm period- -resulted in more crops-
-Venice- -developed a city state with a republican form of government-
-crusades freeing the Holy Land- -failed-
-Chaucer- -English poet-
-longbows- -English used to defeat French in battle-
-Gothic- -used flying buttresses, stained-glass art,light/airy, thin walls-
-letters of credit- -bankers gave to traveling merchants-
-Black Death- -the Roman Church lost cred. when the couldn't stop it-
-Knights Templar- -protected pilgrims-
-William the Conquerer- -conquered England and created a dynasty in 1066-
-Henry II- -strengthened royal authority in England-
-Romanesque- -dark and cold, thick walls, rounded vaults-
-Hugh Capet- -founded dynasty in France-
-Spain- -reconquista occurred-
-vernacular- -writing in the common spoken language-
-English parliament Houses- -House of Lords, House of Commons-
-jury- -local citizens who accused and presented evidence against criminals-
Created by: pigsrule150