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Ancient Greece

Protector of the kingdom: Persian States Satraps
Thinker who seeks wisdom and ponder questions about life Philosophers
Enforce laws and collect taxes in sparta Ephors
Form of government used by spartans Oligarchy
Like a tiny, independent country Polis
Open area used for a meeting place and a market Agora
Focused on government and education Athens
Age of creativity and learning in Athens Age of Pericles
Rules with full authority Tyrant
King of Persia Cyrus the Great
Ordinary citizens in the army Hoplites
Workers hauled 20,000 tons of marble and took 15 years to build Perthenon
A body of land with water on three sides Peninsula
Could not leave home without a male relative Upper class Athenian women
A narrow body of water with land on both sides Straight
Became popular by giving land to landless farmers Peisistrus
Why did Xerxes want to conquer Greece To increase his country's wealth, to win glory, and for revenge
What did the Mycenaean learn from the Minoans Navigation by the sun and stars
How did the early Greeks survive Fishing, trading, and herding goats and sheep
Who could be citizens of Greek city-states Free, native born, land owning men
Who wrote the history of the Persian wars Herodotus
Where did the Mycenaeans come to Greece from The Mycenaeans came from Central Asia
In a direct democracy who decides government matters All the people
Xerxes was a king of Persia
Why did the Spartans place so much stress on military service The Spartans placed so much stress on military service because they were afraid that the Helots might rebel someday.
Dramatist who used painted scenery and three actors to tell a story Sophocles
Highest mountain in Greece Mount Olympus
Chief god of the Greeks Zues
Dramatist who questioned traditional thinking about war Euripedes
Wrote plays that poked fun at politicians and encouraged the audience to think Aristophanes
How did the Greeks favor their gods and goddesses Performed rituals
Goddess of wisdom Athena
Odyssey Homer
A traditional story that explains the practices or beliefs of a people, or something in the natural world Myth
Words or action that are part of a religious ceremony Ritual
A sacred shrine where a priest or priestess spoke for a god or goddess Oracle
A story meant to teach a lesson Fable
The custom of passing along stories by speech Oral tradition
A story written in the form of a play Drama
A play or film in which characters fail to overcome serious problems Tragedy
A play or film that that tells a humerus story Comedy
Taught that the universe followed the same rules as music and numbers Pythagores
Considered by some to be the greatest historian of the ancient world Thucydides
"The father of history" Herodutus
Taught absolute right and wrong did exist (sentenced to death for his teachings) Socrates
Thought government should be headed by philosopher-kings Plato
Greece’s northern neighbor Macedonia
A commander in the army at 16 and a king at 20 ( built one of the greatest cities in the world and named it after himself) His armies conquered land as far east as modern Pakistan Alexander
One of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world Lighthouse of Alexandria
Tried to warn the Athenians that Philip 2 was a threat to them Demosthenes
A time when Greek culture spread throughout the non-Greek world Hellenistic Era
Taught that happiness came from reason and doing one’s duty Stoics
Taught that happiness, the goal of life, came from spending time with friends Epicurus
Studied how points, lines, angles, and planes relate to one another (Told King Ptolemy - “There is no royal way to learn geometry.” Euclid
”Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the earth.” Archimedes
An astronomer who taught that the sun was the center of the universe Aristarchus
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