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REST 102 Midterm

Discourse the controlling metaphors, notions, and categories that produce the conditions of “the true,” “the good,”” and the “beautiful”, Cornell West
Double Consciousness to have two different mentalities, ex: black viewpoint but living in America, W.E.B. DuBois
God is Black Argument by Black Jews, saying God is black to more
Orthopraxis correct conduct-more rituals rather than grace,works
Cartesian philosophy places thinking subject as foundation of knowledge, task of philosophy is to represent the world, Rene Decartes
Phrenology reading of skulls, used as scientific evidence to justify racism
Physiognomy reading of faces, used to justify racism
Natural History order things based on visible characteristics, White supremacy emerges in descriptive order imposing aims on natural history, focuses on RACE
Theology study of people group's understanding of God (or lack thereof)
Indirect Murder fact exposing someone to death, political death, expulsion, rejection, Foucault
Biopolitics anything that affects the population as a whole, ex: birth and death rates
Liberative theologies all religious theologies,
Liberation theologies Christian theology, tradition is key
Space based worldview thinking more in terms of land and how it is affected, American Indian view, different from Europeans
Classical revival thinkers moved to looking at the artistic and cultural heritage of Greeks, ex: Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Bach, etc.
Scientific revolution authority of science OVER authority of the bible
Cartesian transformation one of West's 3 developments, result of the influence of Rene Decartes, in order to arrive at truth have to eliminate anything that can be doubted, effect of
Black Codes after freedom of slaves, codes meant to limit freedom and compel them
Jim Crow "separate but equal" laws->usually southeran states
God of the Oppressed prominent in AA Judaism, God is for the people of the oppressed, church is for God's suffering people
Social Movements movements that have affected religion over the years
Oscar Romero South American bishop who was assassinated, advocated for equal rights
James Cone ordained minister in African American church, founder of black liberation theory
Vine Deloria American Indian writer, Thinking In Time and Space, spiritual ownership of the land vs "actual" owner of land
W.E.B. Dubois founder of the NAACP, founder of Double Consciousness theory
Michael Foucault Racism and Power of Death, biopower->forcing black people into slums, not good enough medical care
George Tinker American Indian writer, American Indian Theology Ideas: Indians became Christians in time of despair and space based wordview
Rene Descartes philosopher, religion as basis of truth->science to basis of truth
Cornell West A Geneology of Racism, big 3-Classical Revival, Cartesian transformation, Scientific Revolution start of racism
Father Divine African American preacher, International Peace Mission movement
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