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Comprehensive Final

Comprehensive Final Examination

A medical assistant training focuses on: Outpatient services
Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs is based on the concept that: Physiologic needs are the most basic and must be met first
A medical assistant’s scope of practice is: Determined by their physician-employer
Which of the following medical specialists cares for people who are recovering from a stroke? Neurologist
Gathering information about a patient’s present health care needs and abilities in preparation for teaching the patient a new diet is referred to as what? Assessment
A system that selects the order of patients to receive urgent medical treatment is referred to as what? Streamlining
Which of the following is NOT required when taking a telephone message? The caller’s account number
The basic elements of communication include which of the following? All of the above
Which of the following is NOT an example of nonverbal communication? Tone
Patients should be given instructions in writing because: The human memory does not perform well in stressful situations
Why is understanding cultural differences important? All of the above
A legally required disclosure is one that: All of the above
A patient’s medical record: All of the above
Medical ethics require physicians to: Be of good moral character
A physician who treats a patient without his consent may be charged with: Assault
Which of the following is not considered an ethical issue? Allocation of scarce resources such as donated organ
A patient who is noncompliant is one who: Does not follow the doctor’s orders
When a hearing impaired patient is communicating with the physician: The office is responsible for providing an interpreter
A physician who dispenses narcotic drugs listed in the schedule of the Controlled Substances Act must keep the narcotic records: For 2 years
An environmental safety plan should include all of the following EXCEPT: A plan to train employees on environmental safety guidelines
Among the things, HIPAA is concerned with: Protecting personal health information
Which of the following elements is NOT included in a memorandum? A complimentary close
A facsimile transmittal cover page: Requires postage
When you are sorting mail, you should: Place the physician’s personal mail on top
The minutes of a business meeting include all of the following except: Members absent and the reasons for their absences
Missed appointments: All of the above
In the following list of names, which one comes first in the alphabetical list? Stephen W. Long
Your physician-employer is a participating provider with Mrs. Smith’s insurance company. The difference in the fee for an office visit and eh amount the insurance company “allows” for that service must be: Adjusted off the patient’s account
A physician’s fee schedule is determined by using UCRs, which means what? Usual, customary, and reasonable
ICD-9CM and ICD-10-CM are coding systems used to report what? Medical necessity for services and procedures
CPT-4 codes include E&M codes, which are used to report what? Provider services and visits
In the ICD-9-Cm and ICD-10-CM coding systems, a late effect is: A symptom or condition arising from an acute illness that is still being treated after the acute illness has passed
The money owed to a physician for items such as rent, utilities, and payroll is referred to as what? Fixed accounts
What is the best way to ensure an accurate visual acuity exam? Provide adequate lighting
At what age should children hate their first MMR vaccination? 2 to 15 months
At what age should children have their first hepatitis B vaccination? Birth
Which of the following is the normal rectal temperature? 99.6⁰F
Autoclaving is the only process that destroys all forms of living organisms, including: Spores
Following sterilization by autoclaving, the items remain sterile for how long? 30 days
In order to accomplish sterilization, the autoclave should reach what temperature? 250⁰F to 270⁰F
What is the most effective way to break the infection cycle? Wash your hands often
Cross contamination can be prevented by: All of the above
The most accurate way to measure the length of an infant is to: Make a mark on the exam table paper at the baby’s head and bottom of the feet
Anaphylactic shock involves: General allergic reaction to a foreign substance
In a physical examination, inspection refers to: Visual scanning of the patient
Where is a Colles fracture located? Wrist
Hepatitis B and rubella are examples of diseases caused by what? Viruses
Which of the following sutures does not usual require removal from the body? Catgut
The step performed to set up a sterile field is to do what? Wash your hands
In a standard EKG, lead V3 is located where? Midway between V2 and V4
The EKG tracing is printed on graph paper at what standard speed? 25 mm/second
The subcutaneous injection is given using which of the following techniques? A 10-degree angle with a 27-guage needle
The reason you should aspirate before injecting a medication is to be sure: The needle is not in a blood vessel
B. The needle is not in a blood vessel Z-track
The five phases of Korotkoff sounds may be heard when auscultating what? The blood pressure
Which classification of drugs prevents or decreases clotting? Anticoagulant
The physician orders 500 mg of a medication tid for 10. The medication is available only in 250-mg capsules. How many capsules will the patient need to complete the course of medication? 60
Which organization developed guidelines to help people in making healthy diet decisions? USDA
Which type of cholesterol is referred to as the “good cholesterol”? High-density lipoproteins
A clear liquid diet includes all of the following except: Milk
Exercises performed with assistance ware called what? Passive exercises
Reasons a physician might order a 24-hour urine collection for a test include all of the following, except: For a culture and sensitivity
Which of the following is the white blood cell count useful in determining? Anemia
What information does a hemoglobin result provide about the patient? The oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
A 9-year old child falls off his skateboard going down a flight of concrete stairs. His mother notes some blood over the child’s right knee. The ER doctor notes that the skin below the knee has been scraped. This injury is best described as a/an: Abrasion
A 54-year old make has a long history of diabetes mellitus. Most of the time, his blood sugar was really height, causing damage to his kidneys. What laboratory result is most likely to be elevated? Creatinine
The ability to repeatedly run a lab test and get the same result is called a what? Acceptability
What action do you take if you have a critical value result on a patient? Get the information to the physician as soon as possible
Two levels of quality control material must be analyzed: Following the manufacturer’s instructions
The purpose of OSHA is: To protect all workers from occupational injury
Anyone who has been thoroughly trained and demonstrates competency for the testing procedures regardless of educational background can perform which of the following? Waived tests
The first drop a capillary puncture is removed with a clean gauze pad because it contains what? Bacteria
Blood-borne pathogens are: Disease-producing microorganisms transmitted by blood, body fluid, and tissue
What can latex gloves cause problems in providing patient care? They may cause allergic reactions
Which of the following vacuum tubes provides the least vacuum draw? 10 mL
What is the reason why a 25-gauge needle is not recommended for blood collection? The needle will be too painful for the patient
The fibrinogen-filled fluid that remains after centrifuging a tube of blood is: Serum
The primary veins located in the antecubital fossa are basilica, cephalic, and: Median cephalic
All of the following are reasons for blood specimen rejection, except: Not enough blood collected
What is the maximum time a tourniquet can be applied without jeopardizing the quality of the specimen? 3 minutes with a difficult draw
The process used to trace the direction of the vein is called what? Palpating
Which of the following is a glucose procedure that is collected 2 hours after consuming a carbohydrate meal? POCT glucose
The chemical examination of urine includes measurements of what? Color
Some non-cellular components of plasma are: WBCs and serum
Oxygen is distributed in the cells of the body by which of the following? Platelets
Where are erythrocytes formed? Kidney
Lipid tests include all of the following, except: Bilirubin
What hormone are you looking for in a pregnancy test? IgG
What must laboratories provide for their employees? Safety and protection
A patient’s urine in yellow-orange. Which of the following substances would be found in the urine? Glucose
In the process of containing a blood sample by Vacutainer, a hematoma begins to form. Which is the most likely scenario? The bevel is only partially inserted in the vein
Which of the following tubes is used for RBC and WBC counts? Lavender
What test is done by the Western method? Coagulation test
What is the best description of low-density lipoprotein? A complex molecule consisting of protein and a fat such as cholesterol
Which of the following is the causative agent of infectious mononucleosis? A. Variola major
The major purpose of an MSDS is: To provide information to protect employees and patients
Which laboratory department deals with disease-producing eggs present in specimens taken from the body? Parasitology
The presence of sugar in the urine is called what? Glycosuria
What is the best way to avoid cross-contaminating patients who receive instillation of eye drops from the same bottle? Avoid touching the tip of the dropper to the patient’s eye
Which laboratory department deals with the identification of pathogens? Microbiology
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