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endocrine wordspg3


homeostasis a state of stable internal environment of the body
hormones secretions of endocrine glands which regulate function of the body (i.e. testosterone in males and estrogen in females)
hyperglycemia excessive amount of sugar in the blood
hyperinsulinism excessive amount of insulin in the blood- insulin shock
hypersecretion excessive secretion
hypocalcemia abnormally low amount of calcium in the blood
hypoglycemia too little sugar in the blood
hypogonadism under-development of internal secretions of male sex glands
hypokalemia extreme depletion of potassium in the blood usually lost in diuresis
hyposecretion inadequate secretion
ICF intracellular fluid
ICSH interstitial cell stimulating hormone
insulin a hormone secreted by the islets of langerhans. essential for metabolism of blood sugar( glucose) can also be made synthetically and given by injection
islets of langerhans clusters of cells in the pancreas which produce insulin and glucagon
ITT insulin tolerance test
ketoacidosis an acute stage of diabetes mellitus characterized by hypotension and eventually, coma
LDL low density lipoproteins
LH luteinizing hormone
LTH lactogenic hormone (prolactin)
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