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Egypt Ch. 4

Pharaohs, Egypt life, Pyramids

The geography of ancient Egypt included vast desert areas of burning sands known as _________. the Red Land
What was known as the life line of Egypt or its water source? The Nile River
According to legend, the first pharaoh and leader who united the Kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt was ______. Menes
In ancient Egypt, those responsible for using hieroglyphics to record important information and maintain records were called _________. scribes
Ancient Egyptians developed a system of writing that used drawings and symbols called _____________ to represent words or sounds. hieroglyphics
How did the Egyptian culture deal with the floods in the Nile River Valley? built trenches and canals to divert Nile floodwaters.
Who is the 1st Egyptian Pharaoh that was a women that took control after her husband died, and rule greatly in trade and was an era of peace in the Egypt? Hatshepsut
What is an area surrounded by deserts and received little rainfall in northeastern Africa? Egypt
What was the ideal place for the 2nd civilization in the world to thrive in northeastern Africa in Egypt? The Nile River Valley
How many roadblocks does the Nile River has that breaks up the steady flow for travelers? 6 cataracts or waterfalls
What triangular-shaped area is located at the mouth of the Nile River? A delta
What substances flows to the end of the river and makes the land fertile for planting and raising crops in Lower Egypt? Silt
Because the Nile River didn’t flood the same, what problems did it cause in Egypt? It destroyed crops, homes, and killed Egyptian people
What was an important crop that Egypt used to make paper for record keeping? Papyrus
The Egyptians worshipped many gods, the pharaoh was considered a god also, what was its name? Horus
Who was the pharaoh “also known as Horus Narmar” that united from Upper and Lower Egypt as one nation? Menes
What is the name of an Egyptian King and what does it mean? Great House
What did Egypt have that divided the people by the skills they inherited by their families? Social Order
What process did Egyptians used that took 70 days to prepare their pharaoh’s for burial? Mummification
What did archaeologist find in Egypt that helped them deciphered Egyptian writing? The Rosette Stone
The Rosette Stone translated the Egyptian language, what else did it also translated? Greek & Merotic languages
During the 1st Dynasty, a priest and advisor to the king began the first records of Egypt, who was he? Manetho
What are ancient tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs? Pyramids
What was constructed to watch over the pyramids to prevent people from entering the pyramids? “The Sphinx”
Who was the pharaoh that tried to start only sun worship of the sun god Aton? Amenhotep IV
Who was the young ruler that replace Amenhotep IV because of his Sun god worship and brought back polytheism to Egypt? Tutankhamen (King Tut)
What kingdom was located south of Egypt which its borders began at the first cataract on the Nile river? Nubia
What was the language of the Nubians called? Meroitic
What religion values did the Egyptians and Nubians shared in common? They were both polytheistic or worshipped many gods
In the past, Egypt traded with Nubia for what resources? Gold, ivory, cattle, and granite blocks
Nubia regained their freedom and conquered Egypt, what Nubian leader conquered upper Egypt? King Kashta of Kush
What Nubian king conquered Lower Egypt later? Piankhi, the son of King Kashta
Why did the Egyptians invade Nubia in 2575 B.C.? For their natural resources
About how long is the Nile River? Over 4,000 miles
Created by: vacosta