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Chapter 2

Define empire A large political unit or state usually under a single leader that controls many people/territories
Define Hittites The 1st Indo-Europeans to make use of iron
Define The Black Land Fertile Egyptian land
Define theocracy a government by divine authority
Define assyrians they used terror as an instrument of warfare
Define Judaism the religion of the Israelites
Define Sumerians the creators of the 1st Mesopotamian civilization
Define Phoenicians Use 22 signs to represent the sounds of their speech
Define Persians ruled by Cryus
Define cuneiform wedge-shaped writing
Mesopotamian civilization refers to the achievements of people from what three general areas? Assyria, Sumer, and Akkad
Mesopotamia was located between what two rivers? Tigris and Euphrates
What does Mesopotamia mean in Greek? (Land) Between the Rivers
Define Darius the leader of the Persian empire, he extended it to become largest empire in the world at that time
Define Jews they did not give up their beliefs or adopt the religion of the conquerors
Define ten lost tribes scattered Israelites
Why was hieratic script used? for business transactions, record keeping, and the general needs of daily life
What resulted as farming in ancient Mesopotamia increased? it enabled civilization to emerge
Define Hammurabi he is remembered for his law code which is a collection of laws for Mesopotamian society
What group created the first empire in world history? Akkadian
Define King Solom Israel's greatest king
Define the Great Sphinx huge figure carved from rock guarding the Great Pyramid at Giza
Define Egyptians They believed the sun was the source of life and was worthy of worship
Define Upper Egypt the land upstream from the Nile River
Define Lower Egypt the Nile Delta
Define Nile River it begins in the heart of Africa and runs Northward for more than 4000 miles
Define city-state the basic unit of Sumerian civilization
Define polytheism belief in many gods
Define monotheism belief in one god
Define the wheel its invention mande transport of goods much easier
Define Sargon leader of the Akkadians
Define arranged marriages parents arranged marriages for their children
What were the three goods the Phoenicians produced for foreign markets? purple dye, glass, and lumber
What were the three major periods in Egyptian history Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New kingdom
What are the three Sumerian inventions wagon-wheel, sundial, and arch
Code of Hammurabi (1) Collection of laws the provided great insight into social conditions of the day
Code of Hammurabi (2) it was based on a system of strict justice
Code of Hammurabi (3) Penalties fro criminal offenses were severe and they varied according to the social class of the victim
Code of Hammurabi (4) it took seriously the duties of public officials
Code of Hammurabi (5) Officials who failed to solve crimes had to make personal payment to the victims or their families
Code of Hammurabi (6) Judges could be penalized for ruling incorrectly on a case
Code of Hammurabi (7) The law code included consumer protection laws
Code of Hammurabi (8) the largest category of laws focused on marriage and family
Code of Hammurabi (9) Parents arranged marriages for their children
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