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SD OT Flashcards

terms for Old Testament

1. bible is the inspired Word of God; a book of religious truth that shows God’s involvement in history
2. bible means “ book”
3. salvation history God worked through humans to give us the truth we need for our salvation
4. religious truth the truth about God and our relationship with God
5. inerrant without error in religious truth
6. literal interpretation means word for word, true as written; accepting what the bible says as true the way it is written; this is how a creationist (or a fundamentalist) interprets the bible (not Catholics)
7. hesed personal, loving, caring, concerned; God loves us unconditionally
8. A.D. abbreviation for Anno Domini
9. Anno Domini means “year of the Lord”
10. B.C. abbreviation for Before Christ
11. testament literally means covenant
12. covenant means agreement or promise
13. canon refers to the official list of books in the bible; books recognized as inspired; the Jews and Protestants have the same one for the OT; the Catholics have a different OT one
14. 2 ways God’s truth is revealed Catholics believe that God revealed Truth to humans through Scripture(the Bible) and Tradition
15. tradition oral preaching from the time of the Apostles handed down in the Church
16. # stages of OT development Oral: telling stories to pass them on; Written: eventually writing down the oral stories; Edited: gathering writings, putting them in order
17. Tanakh Jewish name for their entire scriptures
18. Torah the Jewish word for their first five books (sometimes used for all Hebrew Scripture)
19. Pentateuch word used by Christians to refer to the first five books of the OT; literally means “five” “books” (penta + teuch)
20. GELND stands for “Go Eat Lunch Now David”; used to remember the order of the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy; it’s an acrostic
21. PaHaWaP used to remember the 4 major divisions of the Christian OT in order; the first P in PaHaWaP stands for Pentateuch; the H is for Historical books; the W stands for Wisdom; the second P stands for Prophets
22. 2 original Bible languages OT written mostly in Hebrew (a few of the later books are in Greek); NT written in Greek
23. patriarchs founding fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
24. matriarchs founding mothers, Sarah, Rebecca (Rebekkah) , and Rachel (and Leah)
25. Exodus literally means “to leave”; refers to the Hebrews going out of Egypt fleeing from slavery
26. 1000 BC/BCE time in which the OT stories were first written down (time of the kings)
27. 721 BC/BCE year in which the northern kingdom (Israel) fell to the Assyrians
28. 587 BC/BCE year in which the southern kingdom (Judah) fell to the Babylonians
29. exile Jews being taken from their homeland to Babylon (500’s BC); time spent in Babylon
30. Jews of the Dispersion (Diaspora) Jews scattered throughout the world, not living in their homeland
31. Judaism name for the Jewish religion
32. Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year celebrated usually in September
33. Yom Kippur Jewish “Day of Atonement” 10 days after Rosh Hashanah; Jews seek reconciliation for wrongs done during the past year
34. monotheism belief in one God
35. polytheism belief in many gods
36. Genesis literally means “beginning;” first book of the OT
37. Sabbath takes place from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday; day of rest and worship
38. sin choosing to do something that we know is wrong
39. Canaan one of the oldest names for the Land promised to the Hebrews
40. circumcision ritual that shows a Jewish males acceptance of the Covenant
41. Yahweh one meaning is “I AM”; name for God Jews never speak out loud (out of respect)
42. Elohim another name for God
43. Adonai means “Lord”; used as a substitute for Yahweh
44. the desert symbolizes a “place” for us to become a new person , to face God
45. miracle event that happens when we need it to; the power of God moving us to good
46. manna literally means “what is it”; refers to food provided by God in the desert during the Exodus
47. Decalogue refers to the 10 Commandments
48. Ark of the Covenant symbol of God’s presence and power (an object); built in the Sinai Desert; held the tablets of the 10 Commandments
49. Deuteronomy literally means “second writing” of the law; fifth book of the OT
50. Sh’ma literally means “hear”; a Jewish prayer
51. mezuzah a small box hung on the door frame of a Jewish house; has a small scroll inside
52. Deuteronomic history in the Exile, Jews compiled, edited and rewrote the history of the Jews from their entry into the Holy Land , through the kings, to the Exile
53. shalom Hebrew for “peace”; used as a greeting
54. judges people such as Deborah or Samson, mainly military leaders after the Exodus
55. Israel the name for the united kingdom (ruled by Saul, David and Solomon); after the kingdom split (after 920 BCE) the northern area was called this
56. Davidic covenant promise of a Messiah given to David
57. Messiah means anointed one
58. temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem as the Jewish center of worship
59. nabi Hebrew word for prophet
60. prophet person who speaks for God
61. Lost tribes Jews from one of the 10 northern tribes in Israel who were deported by the Assyrians
62. Samaritans intermarried with Assyrians; disliked by Jews because they were not pure Jewish
63. Remnant small group of people who remain faithful to God
64. Synagogue local place of worship and study for Jews
65. Diaspora people (like Jews) not living in their homeland usually because someone threatening took over
66. Septuagint translation of the Old Testament into Greek done in BC/BCE time
67. Jew comes form “Yehudi” the word used by the Babylonians to refer to the exiled people
68. Maccabees two of the last OT books written ; it’s about a Jewish family who fought for independence from the Greeks/Seleucids; refers to a belief in life after death and the value of praying for the dead
69. martyr literally means “witness”
70. apocalyptic literature uses symbolism to tell a story
71. proverb often an easy-to-remember saying that gives advice
72. Purim Jewish feast honoring Esther who stood up for the Jews
73. Rabbi means teacher
74. shofar ram’s horn used as a trumpet to call to worship
75. psalm a song ; many were attributed to/ written by David
76. lament means suffering, sorrow, sadness
77. sheol for Jews, the “pit,” a shadowy afterlife underworld removed from God;
78. Shoah used by Jews to refer to the Holocaust
Created by: dbrune
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