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Chapter 3

What did God create? God created all the matter and energy in the universe, as well as the pure spirits called angles and the soul of each one of us.
Why did God create the world? God created the world out of goodness, to show us his perfections and to share them with us.
Did God bestow certain gifts on the angels in creating them? God gave special gifts of grace, wisdom, power, and holiness to angles. They were also given the opportunity to merit the direct vision of God by remaining faithful to him/
Who are archangels? Archangels are members of a very powerful group of angles. From the bible we know them as Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel.
What happened to unfaithful angels? The unfaithful angels who rebelled against God we banished from his presence to the eternal punishment known as hell. They are called devils or evil spirits.
Do all of our temptations to sin come from unfaithful angles? Only some of our temptations to sin come from the unfaithful angels. Other temptations come from ourselves, our wounded nature, or from other persons and things about us.
What does it mean to sin? To sin means to reject or oppose God or his law knowingly and willfully.
What happened to our first parents because of their sin? Lost the grace of holiness, their friendship with God, their inner harmony, the right to heaven, and other gifts they received. They became subject to suffering and death, felt strong inclinations to evil, and were forced out of the garden of paradise.
How did the sin of Adam and eve become our sin? The transmission of original sin is a mystery. It is not a sin on our part; however, we get their weakened and sinful human nature. " Original sin is called "sin" only in an analogical sense; it is a sin "contracted"not committed", a state and not an act
Was anyone ever free from original sin? Jesus' Mother Mary, in view of the merits of her divine Son, was preserved from original sin from the moment of her conception in her mother's womb. This great privilege is called the Immaculate Conception.
*IMPORTANT* Is God also "Mother"?
*IMPORTANT* Can we prove from reason alone that angles exist We cannot prove from reason alone that angels exist, yet their existence is not contrary to reason. It is very "reasonable" to suggest that just as there are creatures composed totally of matter, and creatures made up of matter and spirit, so there
* Extended* are purely spiritual creatures. For this belief we rely on the testimony of Scripture and the Fathers of the Church
Must we believe in the existence of Adam and Eve? While belief in a single set of original parents may be difficult in view o scientific theories of the beginning of our species, we must hold to the belief that God directly willed and created the first humans.
Extended (Adam and Eve) The Genesis story of creation must be respected as the interpretation chosen by God.
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