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WH Wynn U3 Review

Greece & Rome

What were the forms of drama the Greeks invented? comedy and tragedy
What is the type of government where the people choose their officials? republic
How did the Hun invasion of Germanic tribes weaken the Roman Empire? It caused Germanic tribes to cross into the empire to seek safety.
What 2 things enabled the Minoan civilization to develop its rich culture? Its isloated location and trading activities
How were trials in Athens similar to trials in the US today? the accused was innocent until proven guilty
How does the Socratic method of teaching work? The teacher asks a series of questions, causing students to question their assumptions.
What were Archimedes' major accomplishments? lever & pulley system; a pump used to lift water (Archimedes Screw)
What did conquered people have to do for the Roman government in order to keep their customs & self-government? pay taxes, send soldiers for the Roman Army, and be loyal to the Roman government
Which Roman emperor divided the Roman Empire & slowed inflation in order to slow down the economic collapse of the empire? Diocletian
What 2 cultures influenced the Minoan civilization? Egyptian and Mesopotamian
How did Alexander the Great feel about his Persian territories? He encouraged the blending of Greek & Persian cultures.
How did the Pax Romana affect the Roman Empire? It was a 200 year period of peace & prosperity throughout the Roman Empire.
Greek city-states shared what 2 cultural things? religious beliefs and heroic legends
Early Greek sculpture showed the human form as ______. rigid
How did Rome successfully protect its conquered lands? By posting a well-trained army throughout the land.
How did the Mycenaeans gain power on the mainland and the island of Crete? By invasion and conquering them.
How did the Persian Wars affect the balance of power among the Greek city-states? Athens dominated the other city-states.
How did Philip II's defeat of Greece ultimately lead to a flowering of Greek culture? His son, Alexander, spread much of it around the world.
Why did the death of an emperor usually lead to violence and civil wars? Romans disagreed on how to choose a new emperor.
What 2 aspects of Roman culture originated with the Etruscan civilization? engineering and an alphabet
Later Greek sculpture showed the human form as _____. idealized and natural
How did the geographical features of Greece affect the development of Greek city-states? The city-states developed separately from each other.
Living on the sea coast encouraged Greeks to become skilled ______ and _______. sailors and traders
Who spread the Greek culture from teh Mediterranean Sea to the Middle East? Alexander the Great
What 2 things did Roman engineering skills create that helped strengthen the Roman Empire? roads and bridges
What did Julius Caesar accomplish as dictator/ruler of Rome? Created a public works program & gave jobs to the unemployed
Which Christian missionary/apostle was important for spreading Christianity? Paul
What 3 principles of Roman Law are now part of our law in the USA? Innocent until proven guilty, the accused can face their accuser, guilt has to be established on solid evidence (beyond a shadow of a doubt)
This philosophy stresses the importance of duty and accepting one's fate. Stoicism
According to Christian theology, who brings spiritual salvation and eternal life to believers? Jesus Christ
What religion did Christianity emerge from? Judaism
Whose teachings is Christianity based on? Jesus Christ
What was the main factor that helped Christianity spread across the Roman Empire? the unity of the empire
Type of government led by a hereditary ruler (king and queen) monarchy
Greek term for 'high city' Acropolis
Type of government where a small, wealthy elite holds power oligarchy
Greek term for a city polis
Type of government led by hereditary landholding upper class aristocracy
Type of government where people hold the ruling power democracy
Term means the sun is the center of the universe heliocentric
Term for the Greek tactical formation of heavily armed foot soldiers. phalanx
Type of government where citizens participate directly in the day-to-day affairs of the government direct democracy
Term for the majority of Rome's citizens; they had little influence on society plebeians
Basic military unit of the Roman army legion
Term for establishing control over foreign lands and people imperialism
The land-holding upper class of Rome were the.... patricians
Term for a belief contrary to official church teachings heresy
The body of Christian people who conduct Christian services clergy
Term for a savior sent by God messiah
Created by: Ms.Wynn