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World history

Transition form river valleys to empires

Zoroastrianism The main Persian religion
How did the persians control their empire? By being tolerant and respective to local customs.
Chandragupta Maurya King of India in 321 BC
Religion associated with Asoka's influence Buddhism
Silk Road Th desire for Chinese goods led to the silk road
Location of the Persian Empire. Iran
Explain the geography of Greece? It is covered by 75% of mountains.
List the 4 types of Greek governments Monarchy, Aristocracy, oligarchy, and democracy.
Polis Independent city-states in Greece.
Athenian society Was focused on wealth and culture.
Spartan society Was focused on military strength.
Peloponnesian War The war between sparta and athens
Phillip II conquered Greece
Alexander the great The man who conquered all of Greece and on of the greastest empires
How was Alexander the great's empire divided after his death? It was divided between his three top generals.
Socrates a philosopher in athens
Describe Hellenism The spread of innovations and cultures through out the empire.
Homer Poet who wrote the odyssey
Parthenon an enormous building with openings at the top.
Aristotle A philosopher in greek society
Hippocrates father of modern medicine.
List the 3 societal groups of rome Patricians, Plebeians, Slaves
Republic The type of government rome had
Twelve Tables roman laws.
Roman legion Subdivision of 5,000 roman soldiers
Edict of Milan Made it illegal to kill Christians in rome.
How did Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire By roads and trade routes.
Roman aqueducts ways of bringing water into the city
Pax Romana A time of peace and prosperity.
Two religions that caused problems in the roman empire Christianity, and Judaism.
Language of rome Latin
Punic war Civil wars in rome
Roman roads used to transport soldiers faster
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