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GSE Unit 3 Test Revi

GSE Unit 3 Test Review

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to ____________ as the people of East Germany demanded an end to communist rule and reunification with West Germany. German re-unification
Which of the following was a factor that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union? The USSR was experiencing hard economic times. Gorbachev began economic and political reforms that weakened the government’s control in the USSR and Warsaw Pact. The countries of Eastern Europe and in the USSR began to declare their independence.
After WWII, the _______ divided Eastern and Western Europe. It was the result of deep disagreements between the USSR and the Western allies over the direction of rebuilding postwar Europe. Cold War
The horrifying period in history during World War II in which more than six million Jews were killed by the Nazis is remembered as the _________________ . Holocaust
After WWII the United States and the Soviet Union became the known as _______ because they possessed the world’s 2 strongest military forces and the most nuclear weapons. Super powers
The United States and the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) which fought on the same side during WWII became bitter enemies engaged in an extremely tense time of political hostility and nuclear build-up That lasted from 1945-1990. This period of time is known as- Cold War
The systematic murder of 12 million people, including 6 million Jews by the Nazis during World War II is now known as- holocaust
The basic components of the Treaty of Versailles led to resentment and opened the door for the rise of _________ as Hitler promised to bring Germany back to a state of power. Nazism
Massive unemployment, hunger, homeless and despair between World War I and World War II are associated with the- worldwide (Great) depression
Withdrawal from WWI, poverty, starvation, overthrow of the czar, civil war and communism are associated with the - Russian Revolution
Which of the following was an important cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917? differences among social and economic classes in Russia
How does the high literacy rate in Europe affect its economy and enhance the standard of living for its citizens? Europe’s high literacy rate contributes to its economic success and promotes a high standard of living.
Which of these statements are true about (all 3)of the major religions in Europe: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? All three are monotheistic (believe in one god), All three acknowledge Abraham as a patriarch (founder) of their faith, Each has a holy book.
You are the chief executive in your country’s government. You came to power in the last election after your party won. You were chosen to be the head of the government by the legislature. Which form of government do you have? parliamentary
The leader of the Parliament in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is called the - prime minister
Which best describes how a parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy? The head of the government is a member of the legislature
In which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government? parliamentary democracy
You live in a country ruled by one man. Your country has elections, but you can only vote for your current leader. You cannot criticize or protest against the government. Which form of government best describes the government where you live? autocratic
Which type of government would most likely abolish all opposing political parties, the direct election of leaders, and free speech? autocratic
What is a basic way citizens of a democratic nation can influence the government? voting
All citizens participate equally in which type of government? Democracy
Russia has a type of government in which power is formally divided between one central authority and several regional authorities. Name the type of government. Federation
Which statement about the United Kingdom’s parliamentary system of government is correct? The prime minister is not directly chosen by voters
Which of the following are purposes the European Union (EU) was created for – To help member nations work together economically, to make trade easier and more profitable for member nations, to provide a common European currency.
What do the economic systems of the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia have in common? All are examples of mixed economies that are mostly market economies with some elements of command economies.
The economic system of communist countries is most closely related to which of the following? command
Which of the following explanations would reflect a country with a mixed economy (i.e., between a pure market and pure command)? A combination of privately-owned industry and government control.
You are a small business owner and you sell computer gaming consoles.You decided to sell consoles because they are easy to build, are popular and make a high profit. You decide on the prices for your consoles. Which type of economy do you have? market
In which economic system are the production and distribution of goods owned by private individuals or corporations? market
Which of following best describes a market economy? A person can start any legal business and charge any price.
Which term best describes an economic system in which the people—not the government—own land, factories, and businesses? market
When a country has a market economy, which of these statements correctly defines this system? Companies produce goods of their choice and consumers decide whether to buy the goods
A market economy is very different from a command economy. Which of the following is found in a market economy? competition
In a traditional economic system people usually exchange goods or services rather than use money. Which of the following is an example of this exchange process? bartering with a seller
Constructed Response-Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer. Be sure to give a complete answer with examples and details from the unit. Be sure to write in complete sentences. How did the Treaty of Versailles and world-wide depression impact Europe in the years between WWI and WWII?
Constructed Response-Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer. Be sure to give a complete answer with examples and details from the unit. Be sure to write in complete sentences. What is the relationship between the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, and the end of the Cold War?
Constructed Response-Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer. Be sure to give a complete answer with examples and details from the unit. Be sure to write in complete sentences. How does each of the three types of economic systems (traditional, command, and market economies) answer the questions of what, how, and for whom to produce?
Created by: jpkelley