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Basic Catechism

Does God exist? Yes, God exists
How can we know that God exists? Through reason and revelation we can know that God exists.
What is reason? Reason is our power to think
What are other names for the bible? The bible is also called "Sacred Scripture", "holy writings", "Scriptures", or the "word of god"
*IMPORTANT*... What is the Old Testament about? The Old Testament tells the history of God's saving actions in the lives of the chosen people, The Israelites, through whom God brought about his plan of salvation.
*IMPORTANT*.... What is the New Testament about? The new testament is about the birth, life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Son of God, as well as the life of the early Church which he founded.
Can people make mistakes when they try to understand the bible? Difficulties in translating and interpreting the language, customs, and history of the times can lead to misunderstanding biblical texts. One of the reasons Jesus gave us the Church is to guide us in reading the Bible.
Can the Church make a mistake in interpreting the Bible? The Church can never make a mistake in authentically interpreting the Bible because the Holy Spirit preserves the Church from error.
What is Faith? Faith is a gift from God by which we believe what he has revealed. By faith the whole person adheres to God in a free response of loving trust.
What is the profession of Faith we recite at mass? The profession of Faith we recite at Mass is either the Nicene Creed, an ancient declaration of belief in the principal truths of faith, or the Apostles' Creed, which is especially used during Lent and Easter
What do we mean when we say that God Is almighty, eternal, merciful, and just? Almighty means all-powerful, Eternal means "outside of time"...without beginning or end and unchanging. Just is fair.
What word describes God's unlimited perfection? God's unlimited perfection is infinite.
What is mystery? In Religion a mystery is a great truth revealed by God which our limited intelligence will never be able to wholly understand.
What special mystery has God told us about himself? God had told us about the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. He has revealed himself to be three Persons in one God... our Triune God.
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