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Old World History

ABeka 6th Grade Chapter 3

Middle East Africa , Asia , Europe (Crossroads of the Ancient World)
Bedouins wonder from place to place with their herds of camels , sheep , and goats
nomads constantly move from one place to another
millstones 2 flat, round stones, one on top of the other. As you rub them together you can grind grain into flour
papyrus a paper-like material made from the papyrus plant
middlemen people who carry one country's goods to another country
murex beautiful purple dye a kind of sea snail was found along the Phoenician coast
alphabet Phoenician's most valuable contribution to the new world
Hittites earliest known inhabitants of the Asia Minor built great and powerful empire for themselves and was feared for many years
empire a group of countries or Kingdom that are under the control of a more powerful ruler
emperor powerful ruler who controls the empire
barter giving some of it own goods for the goods that it needs
minted (or made) Lidia ( ) made the world's first coins
Jordan river longest and most important river in Israel
Dead Sea the lowest place on earth 1,300 feet below sea level also know as the salt sea
Ten Commandments GOD's basic rules for right and wrong
baal the most well known of the canaanite gods consider the god of war and storm
Jericho no other weapons than shouts and trumpet blast
jerusalem Solomon built the magnificent temple
Jonah GOD sent a jewish prophet to warn the wicked city of Nieveh
Code of Hammurabi it contained nearly 300 laws that governed Babylonians
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