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Bible~Unit 4~

List four of parents responsibilities. raise your children properly/save your money for your children/don't provoke your children to anger/ makes sure their in charge, not the children
How does a young wise person make their parents feel? makes him glad/brings him joy
how does a young foolish person make their parents feel? Mother-brings sadness/dos'nt bless them/ Both-brigs shame and disgrace/Father-curses him/makes him sad
What do fathers mostly have trouble with? over disciplining their children
In Deuteronomy 2:18-21 what wrong attitudes did the parents find in their son? stubbornness/didn't listen/disobedience/drunk/ate too much
What was the punishment to rebellious children? death
What do these stories prove to use about how God takes sin? He takes it seriously
What might spring up in our hearts? a root of bitterness
What are the two effects of bitterness in our life? causes trouble/ruins(corrupts)them
Discipline is __________and _____________ natural/correct
Discipline is __________________by God commanded
Discipline is due to ___________. love
Discipline produces _____________ godliness
What is the most important factor due to discipline? attitude
Created by: pigsrule150