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World History

World History Global Age Test

How did Europe trade with Asia in the Middle Ages? by using overland routes
Name 2 reasons why spices from Asia were highly demanded in Europe? 1. spices were used to preserve food and add flavor 2. spices were used to make medicine and perfume
Name 3 motives Europeans had for finding a sea route to the Indies? 1. cut out the middle man in trade with Asia 2. spread of Christianity 3. learn about lands in Europe
How did the middlemen increase the price of Asian goods? the traveling they did caused the increase of good prices
What was Prince Henry's motive for exploring the west coast of Africa? looking for gold
What is the Cape of Good Hope? a Cape that gained a sea route to Asia
Why was the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope important? it allowed a quicker passage to Asia by sea
What was the good and bad of Vasco de Gama's voyage to the Indies? Good: they reached Calicut on the west coast by India after 10 months Bad: lost half their ships and many sailors on their voyage home
What was Christopher Columbus' goal? to find a sea route to the Indies by sailing West
What 2 problems did Columbus face that he was unaware of? 1. underestimated the circumference of earth 2. had no idea that 2 continents, North and South America laid in his path
Who was Ferdinand and Isabella? King and Queen of Spain
Why did Spain agree to finance Columbus's voyage? (2 reasons) 1. find new sources of wealth 2. spread Chrisitianity
Explain Columbus's Voyage? They found land in present day Bahamas. For months Columbus cruised the islands of Caribbean looking for China and Japan. He thought he was off the coast of East Asia. After his death, Europeans realized Columbus discovered 2 new continents.
What was the Line of Demarcation? the division of the European world between Spain and Portugal
Why were the Islands in the Caribbean named the West Indies? they were named after Italian Sailor Amerigo Vespucci
Explain the 2 regions of Southeast Asia? 1. Mainland- several peninsulas just south between India and China including: Thailand, Cambodia, and Veitnam Islands- 20,000 islands scattered between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea including: Indonesia, Singapore, and Philippines
What were 3 early traditions of Southeast Asia? 1. civilization dates back 5,000 years 2. societies built around nuclear family 3. women had great equality
How did India impact Southeast Asia? outside religions impacted South East Asia (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam); Indians began to exercise considerable power
Name 3 affects China's control in Vietnam influenced the country? 1. absorbed confusion ideas 2. adopted Chinese Civil Service system 3. established similar government to China
Name 4 things Portugal did to build a great trading empire in Southeast Asia? 1. burned coastal towns 2. took control of major trading parts 3. Portuguese missionaries attacked Muslims and Hindus 4. seized and resupply ships going to and from the Indies
Name 3 reasons why the Dutch began to dominate Asian trade? 1. used military force to take Asian ports from Portugal 2. formed close ties with local Asian rulers 3. married Asian women
How was Spain able to conquer the Philippines? the Filipinos were not united
Why did Europeans only seek trading rights from Mughal India instead of just going in and conquering them? Mughal Empire was larger and richer than any European empire
What caused the great Mughal Empire in India to collapse? Religious wars between Hindu and Muslims
Name 2 things the British and French did to rival for power in India? 1. British and French trading companies set rival Indian Princes against each other 2. employed Sepoys as their private armies
In what 3 ways did the great Ming Dynasty in China limit foreign trade? 1. traded only for gold and silver 2. allowed European trading posts but only under Chinese supervision 3. after trading season Europeans had to leave
Name 2 reasons Japan closed the door to foreign trade? 1. after Spain took the Philippines they feared invasion 2. feared Christianity would cause the Japanese to be more loyal to the Pope than to Japan
Moluccas, the island chain in present day Indonesia Spice Islands
map makers who made more accurate and detailed maps Cartographers
instrument developed to help determine latitude at sea Astrolabe
new Portuguese ship that was much faster and manueverable Caravel
Portuguese Prince known as Henry the Navigator Prince Henry
rounded the tip of Africa finding the Cape of Good Hope Bartholomeu Dias
disease caused by a lack of Vitamin C Scurvy
Spanish Explorer who searched for a passage across land through the forests of Panama Vasco de Balboa
sail around the world Circumnavigate
united the region bringing Buddhism to the Burman people in 1044 King Anawrata
Indiana empire between 800-1350 in present day Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia Khmer Empire
Indian troops serving under European orders Sepoys
a person who buys goods from producers and sells them to retailers or consumers middleman
led 4 ships around the Cape of Good Hope Vasco da Gama
an Italian sailor; North and SOuth America was named after him Amerigo Vespucci
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