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World History

World History Global Age vocab

Spice Islands Moluccas, the island chain in present day Indonesia
Cartographers map makers who made accurate and detailed maps
Astrolabe instrument developed to help determine latitude at sea
Caravel new Portuguese ship that was much faster and maneuverable
Prince Henry Portuguese prince known as Henry the Navigator
Bartholomeu Dias rounded the tip of Africa finding the Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope opened the sea route to Asia
Scurvy disease caused by a lack of Vitamin C
Christopher Columbus Italian navigator who wanted to find a sea route to the Indies by sailing West
Vasco de Balboa Spanish Explorer who searched for a passage across land through the forests of Panama
Circumnavigate sail around the earth
Magellan Portuguese noblemen who was the first to circumnavigate the earth
King Anawrata united the region bringing Buddhism to the Burman people in 1044
Khmer Empire Indian empire between 800-1350 in present day Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia
Sepoys Indian troops serving under European orders
Ming Dynasty controlled China until the early 1600's
Manchu ruling group of area in Northeast Asia
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