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7th SS - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: United States

Continental Divide divides the flow of North America's rivers
basin region surrounded by higher land
colony territory controlled by people from a foreign land
plantations a large farm that grows mainly one crop to sell
textiles cloth products
bilingual speaking two languages
second-growth forests trees that cover an area after the original forest has been cut
diversify producing a variety of crops instead of just one
Corn Belt Midwest corn growing region
Dairy Belt states that produce dairy products that lies north of the Corn Belt
Wheat Belt wheat growing states
center-pivot irrigation a type of irrigation that uses sprinkler systems mounted on huge rotating wheels
strip mining mining that leads to soil erosion
trade deficit the value of American exports is lower than the value
contiguous states that border each other
tributary a stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river
annexed formally added
megalopolis string of cities that have grown together
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