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Mod F Unit 2 Vocab

Male and Female Reproductive System

lack of monthly flow amenorrhea
difficult or painful monthly flow dysmenorrhea
fertalized egg that has begun division embryo
3rd month-birth fetus
woman who has bore more than 1 child multipara
woman who has bore no children nullipara
inflammation of an overy oophoritis
surgical excision of an ovary oophorectomy
woman who is bearing 1st child primipara
woman who has borne one child unipara
fertalized ovum, produced by the union of two gametes zygote
dys difficult
cysto bladder
ectomy excision
graphy recording
itis inflammation
oophor ovary
mester month
para to bear
partum labor
post after
salpingo tube
tomy incision
TUR transurethral resection
D&C dilation and curettage
LMP last menstual period
surgical puncture of the amniotic sac to obtain sample fluid amniocentesis
remove testicles or ovaries castrate
wart like growth of the skin; often external genetalia; viral or syphilitic origin condyloma
thin flexible portective sheath worn over penis to prevent pregnancy or venerial disease condom
thin yellowish secreation, "first milk", serum & WBC colostrum
HPV, cauliflower like growths on vagina, penis, and perianal area genital warts
collection of serous fluid in a sac-like cavity; specifically the tunica vaginalis testes hydrocele
sexual prefrance to opposite sex heterosexual
act of givin birth parturition
discharge of semen with urine spermaturia
hemoglobin Hgb
sexually transmitted disease STD
ounce Oz
tuberculosis TB
pulse P
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