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Terminology 106

Unit 3

gland located just above the kidney adrenal gland
warts caused by direct contact. Low risk HPV Venereal Warts
human papillomavirus HPV
magnified exam of the cervix to look for abnormalities Colposcopy
follicle stimulating hormone FSH
luteinizing hormone LH
enlarged thyroid gland goiter
miscarriage Spontaneous Abortion
a non-bloody vaginal discharge leukorrhea
excessive menstrual flow menorrhagia
hollow, pear shaped organ in the pelvic cavity uterus
fatty pad located over the pubic bone covered in hair Mons Pubis
common pelvic tumors fibroids
STD caused by Neisseria and is treated by large doses of antibx gonorrhea
cutting and tying of the fallopian tubes. Female sterilization Tubal Ligation
transmitted by sex sexually transmitted
yeast; normal flora found in the vagina Candida
cutting, tying, and burning of the vas deference; mall sterilization vasectomy
female hormone taken daily to prevent pregnancy Birth Control Pills
caused by direct contact, both oral and genital Herpes Simplex Virus
hormone that stimulates the growth of the thyroid TSH
Pelvic Inflammatory Dz; inflammation of female organs PID
inflammation on the endometrial lining causing dysmenorrhea Endometriosis
inflammation of the cervix; vaginal infection with thick d/c and odor Cervicitis
master gland in the body pituitary
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